What to ask your partner before parting

Rupture of relations for the most part - the process of a dramatic, painful and hard. Not always the partners disagree peacefully and even rarer find the strength and feeling in order to continue to fight for his love. But once the emotions subside, you must call to rationality and to find the strength to ask some important questions before leaving for good. We decided to tell you what kind of questions to ask each of you to save a relationship or do not repeat mistakes in the future.

1. Is it possible to maintain the relationship?

What to ask your partner before parting

Before you say to each other that it really is over, psychologists advise to cope with their anger, sadness or despair, to ask the following question: "Is it possible to maintain the relationship?". Of course, all the gaps are individual, but many people make mistakes because of the fact that the greater value the pride and the ability to show their aggression than by the relationship. Before you say goodbye, talk about whether or not you have no more output, or both of you can do something to save the relationship.

2. We did everything we could?

The next question extends the first, since it deals with the fact that both partners should make every effort to save their relationship. Regardless of the reason why there was discord, whether someone is guilty or relationship just went on the decline, it should be remembered that the two people co-exist in a pair, and the actions of both are important for the overall finals. Ask yourself, did each of you all I can, or someone shifts the responsibility and blame for the separation on the other.

3. Can we find a compromise?

Many couples are not familiar with the concept of compromise, but instead in their relationship work ultimatums and manipulating each other's feelings. If you want to maintain the relationship, the first thing that can help you - an honest and open dialogue, during which you will be able not just to express their feelings, but also to listen to the feelings of the partner, and then decide how you will act, whether can each you have to give up to achieve a balance, or there is no sense to sacrifice something for the sake of your future.

4. How should we behave after breaking up?

For those couples whose relationships are still not tested by the first three questions, there is no less important points that need to be addressed before to part forever. Given how the public life of lives, each of us, to discuss how each of the partners will behave after the break, it makes sense. Should you or your partner to communicate in social networks, that your relationship is over whether or not to publish photos and see if you can reschedule in the circle of friends in common. You need to understand whether you need drama, witnesses that will surround.

5. Will we communicate in the future?

What to ask your partner before parting

If your relationship has been long enough you will most likely have got many common bonds such as friends, parents, co-operations, so if you decide that your relationship is over, you should immediately decide how close are your contacts in the future . Do you stay friends, or you'll never want to interfere if you should start a new relationship in front of the former partner or is it better to wait.

6. Is there enough we talking about?

Very often, the conflict in a relationship does not arise from the fact that the partners no longer have feelings, or no longer want to be in this relationship, and because of the fact that they do not understand each other because of the vagueness. Both of them or one of them does not finish permanent or does not know how to talk to your partner about what he needs from the relationship. Before the end of the claim, ask yourself if you really can not hear, or did not you learned how to communicate with your partner?

7. What could we have done differently?

This issue - one of the most painful, but at the same time it is the most productive for your future. If you have the strength to ask it, and then make a conclusion about your mistakes, you can correct them in the future relationship and be happier as a result. If you want to continue to repeat the sad story, ask your partner what you did wrong and how you would do it differently.