7 friends types which should have every girl

Friends - it's wonderful. They help us in the difficult moments, listen to our complaints, doubts and fears, always ready to lend a shoulder to cry and comfort in word or deed. Friends are different: one with you always to walk in the morning and find yourself in the most unexpected places, others are role models for you to send to a brighter future, and there are those that do not spare your nerves, but always wish you well. We appreciate friendship and so we decided to tell you about the 7 common types of male and female friends, which should be every girl and woman in his life.

1. Business

7 friends types which should have every girl

Business one - is the one that is not enough that he can not sit still, so still and does not give up you. Such a boyfriend or girlfriend is always looking to the future, to help you navigate in your own life. Such people will always be on your side, and his example will prove that we must fight for their happiness in life. It can be a friend. which always reminds you that you are capable of much, or a friend who can help you to strive for success by asking, "Would you be happy if in five years you will work in the same place and do the same thing now?". Such people are inspired by their energy, it is useful to spend time with them.

2. Die Hard

Die Hard - a person who just does not melt. They have no mercy either to themselves or to you. But to have such people in the circle of friends is very useful, because it is their skepticism and perfectionism allows you to not limp, and despite the fact that their words can sometimes cause pain, such criticism is always beneficial. Such a boyfriend or girlfriend - it's not a rude man who enjoys your weakness to assert themselves. He tells you the harsh truth that you become better as often confess their weaknesses hardest it herself.

3. Careful

If you need a tough nut to crack in order to hear and accept the harsh truth, caring friend - is the one who will save you from criticism, soul-searching and tears. Such a boyfriend or girlfriend will come in time with freshly baked cookies, say, how beautiful you are and how much worth, and then substitute their shoulder in order to reprimand you or wept. Their embrace of the warmest and most sincere, because more than anything they want to you to comfort and care for you when you feel bad. These friends are very important, even if you still prefer the bitter truth, because unburden himself in the company of a man who tries it for you - it is invaluable and helps mental wounds quickly tightened.

4. Bad Influence

7 friends types which should have every girl

This type of friends - this is not the people from whom you should stay away, and those who make you get out of your comfort zone and open up exciting risk. "Well, even on Margarita?" Or something like that - with such phrases begin your most memorable adventures and they occur due to such a friend. Of course, not always necessary to listen to such friends, because if, in order to be liberated on the dance floor or get to know the guy that you liked, their looseness and openness can help, here is advice on work or some more demanding events better to leave to talk to a tough nut for business or girlfriend or boyfriend. In any case, all sometimes need to have fun, so the value of friends, no less.

5. The complete opposite of

This type of friends - those are not the people who are radically different from your character or views, but their current life situation is completely opposite to yours. If you are married, a friend or a girlfriend is always free, if you are selling all their belongings to travel, they are, by contrast, buy real estate. In other words, in spite of your friendship, to find time to hold it together, it may be difficult due to the different conditions of life. However, to have such friends is very useful, as they help you to see that life can be different, and that other people can still be completely different, and that's fine. How would you rarely saw any such meetings always bring enlightenment.

6. Social butterfly

This type is characterized by an incredible ability friends live the high life in a non-stop mode. Have a girlfriend or a friend with a high level of socialization is very useful and interesting, because you can always be in a curious place to meet new, different from your surroundings people, and get to the party, which would not have learned if this butterfly is not It was your girlfriend or boyfriend. But such a friendship should always be double-sided. If they or she giving you the opportunity from time to time to get out of pajamas and have fun, then you give him or her self as a listener and let this friend a break from your adventures on your calm area.

7. A childhood friend

7 friends types which should have every girl

This one took you through the most important events in life, was able to see you in a variety of conditions and is still your friend. Typically, you bind any extended period of time, whether it is spent with childhood or college years, if you are about thirty. In any case, such a friend - a box of memories, he knows everything about you and is ready at any moment to nostalgia with you. These friends help remember important and pay attention to how fleeting time, and how important it is to appreciate every happy moment. Even if now you do not communicate as often as before, such friends are always friends, any time you can to see him or talk, remember the youth and unleash soulful conversation, but do not confuse this type of friends with old friends who have passed away your life for yourself or your will.