6 signs that he is crazy about you

Shy guys often the most amazing partners and lovers. Their problem is that due to lack of confidence and aggression in behavior they are too hard to get out of your comfort zone, putting everything that happens in doubt. If a guy feels sympathy for you, you can never find out about it, since he would not be recognized, and as a result both of you lose your exciting romantic story. To avoid this, we will tell you how to determine that you like the guy who keeps silent about it, and what to do if you too much.

1. It is often found next to

6 signs that he is crazy about you

You will often cross at work, during lunch, he sits next to you, and at any moment he is trying to be around to share with you a few words. However, he tries not to focus all attention on themselves and instead tries to understand, he is ready to make some sort of step towards you or not. This "random" note from the guy can talk about what he feels sympathy for you, just do not say, perhaps even to himself, and unconsciously looking for your company. You, too, so you're doing, right?

2. He is too cute

If he comes out of his usual comfort zone to give you a token, it is likely you do not care about him. This can manifest itself in the care that exists between partners or close friends, even if you do not treat each other in this relationship. It occupies a place for you, share with you something tasty or personal (sounds funny, but if a guy shares with you your meal, it's exactly that means something), comes to the rescue when you're upset, and indeed, he always polite and courteous to you, and his entire being resonates with warmth and tenderness.

3. He can not look you in the eye

The guy who secretly experiencing feelings for you will subconsciously seek your opinion and your communication will call him an involuntary smile. That's how our brains. But that's a long eye contact these people can not move because of their embarrassment makes you think that you do not want him on you staring, or not going to look at it.

He really likes to show emotions, but he tries not to. The next time he will smile to you, pay attention to his actions, maybe he's trying to do you this to say something.

4. All of his attention is focused on you

When the two of you are talking to, he looks at you and not be distracted from what you say. Even if you are in the company, concentrating all his attention on you. Even if you do not say anything, he looks at you, though, and tries to hide this fact. He prefers to get attention from you than from someone else in the group of friends or acquaintances. This behavior - it's not just the hint, and have direct proof that he is interested in you, not just polite.

5. He compliments

6 signs that he is crazy about you

The guy who is secretly in love with you, will not just tell you compliments. Perhaps specific compliments and you will not hear, because he is humble, but he certainly will notice any changes in your appearance and mood, because everything he does - it secretly burns your eyes all day long. A new hairstyle, a special outfit, sadness, irritability - he's noticed, comment on or ask a question. Thus it gives you to understand that you noticed. And even if you would like to hear something more flattering, his words are sincere. It is not that the most important compliments?

6. He does not invite you on a date

Shy guys is very difficult to get out of your comfort zone. It is very sad, because often they are the best guys in the world. They just do not feel in yourself that aggression and confidence that distinguishes macho. If these guys at least occasionally to persevere, they would have been far more female attention. Nevertheless, if you notice that you are not indifferent to the guy, but it still does not make the first step, try to understand why. He's just a polite and shy, or he has a good reason? If you are a stesnyashka too cute, do the first step, or at least let him know that you like him and that he can begin to take action. In any case, you have nothing to lose.