10 signs that you feel lust, not love

Passion flares up quickly, but just as quickly burns out. If you meet a guy for a while and you feel that your spark goes out, or that your relationship does not look the way you imagine it, then perhaps they initially relations were not, and all that is between you - it a passion that will not last forever.

To help you sort out your feelings, we picked up 10 signs that you feel a physical attraction to your partner, and that love is here and does not smell. What to do, solve itself: go and look for a new relationship, or give your passion a chance to grow into something more.

1. Your relationships revolve around sex

10 signs that you feel lust, not love

If your relationship with your partner built only on the physical desire, rather than the sincere feelings, the only motivation in order to be together, for you is sex and everything connected with it. This means that all the cute things you do for each other, in fact, are just in bed, but not to strengthen the emotional connection. Love - is another. Loving people appreciate any time that they spent together, and appreciate everything what wants to share a partner, even if at first glance it's something boring and mundane.

2. Your feelings are based on the appearance of

If you feel lust, not love, the most important thing for you will be the visual appeal - both yours and your partner. You dress to seduce him, keeps himself in shape to attract him physically, and constantly think about whether you are good enough. Togo are you waiting for, and from a guy. All this is not because you desire to improve in all areas of life for its own sake, but because you pursue the goal - to have sex with someone who attracts you. For people who love more important it is that a person actually, and not how it looks. Though visual appeal is not prohibited by law.

3. Your partner seems perfect to you

Physical desire makes you live in the illusion, where a partner as an object of desire, appears in a completely unrealistic image. You do dorisovyvat him all those wonderful qualities, simply because at the physical level you want it. You can not judge objectively, do not notice the real strengths and weaknesses of the person with whom you sleep or just want to sleep.

Try to make the best impression - is good, but people in love should be sincere, and love one another, not for the perfect image, but the real quality, whatever they may be.

4. The stage was not between you "friendship"

Despite the fact that not all the happy couples started with friendship, this statement makes sense. Those whose romance began only because sex can still be together for the same reasons. Many couples friendship helped to get closer emotionally, before realizing that maybe something more. But if your interest ends outside the bedroom or his pants, then most likely, you have deep feelings honey is not so far.

5. You do not know him

Relationship with someone just for sex can be very vivid impression. Passion between you, you seem to be each other mysterious and interesting, nothing binds you, you do not need each other, yearning for the unknown - all this is terribly sexy. But in order to consider yourself a pair, emotion is not enough, because in love there is no feeling that the man in your bed - a stranger. If you do not know anything either about your partner, or his friends, nor family, nor even an exemplary state of mind, it is likely between you just passion, which either end, and you will part, or go into more if you both make an effort.

6. You're ashamed of their problems

This love is accepted to share their doubts, fears and feelings, even if you feel not quite sure that this is worth doing. Just loving person distinguished by the ability to understand and to accept any truth and assure you that you can trust to trust him, and that feeling is - well, if not normal, then you can find out together. If your relationship is built only on sex, then about intimacy and support and there is no sense to speak. That's why you're worried that your partner can learn about the secret that you're not ready to share with him. Also, each of you may feel that your problem - it is an unnecessary burden which kills all the romance.

7. no intimacy between you

10 signs that you feel lust, not love

Despite the fact that all my free time, you are likely to have sex, it does not mean that you automatically have reached the vicinity. Intimacy - it does not mean to have sex, it involves trust, protection and emotional attachment to their partner. In love, you can spend time with her boyfriend and every moment to feel the tenderness and awe, even despite the fact that in your actions, there is nothing sexual.

8. You're not talking about the obligations

For those looking for a fleeting romance, relationship based only on lust - it's a great option, as they do not involve obligations. If you do not feel like making decisions, you are considered the feelings and desires of the partner, or between you there is no such thing as a "monogamy" and "loyalty," it is possible that you feel your partner is only passion. But unlike these relations from those in which there is love, it is that love can last a long time, but the passion burns out as soon as you meet someone who will attract you more.

9. You do not plan a joint future

Sex without commitment interested in girls as well as boys. But if you're not inclined to such an in-depth analysis of their relations, to understand what your relationship is kept only for sex, it is possible, if you have no plans for the future with your partner, or you can not see your future together in principle.

Relationships based on real intimacy develop only when each one of you starts to include the other in their lives. If you do not do this and do not want to do, then enjoy the emotions that brings your passion.

10. Love you bored with

Ironically, in relationships built only on sex, sooner or later, sex becomes boring. It's not that you both become bad in bed or lazy, just because of the lack of intimacy, commitment, trust and affection your spark burned. It's like listening to the same song in a circle. Initially it repents that more fun it is impossible to imagine, but in the end the song begins to feel sick. And in a relationship where there is only lust. Sooner or later, you want something new, even if not a serious relationship, then at least the new sex with a new person.