10 red flags in relationships that should not be ignored

We fall in love, let in into your life new people, and sometimes attached to them so much that we do not notice their flaws and that brings us inconvenience and suffering. Lack of knowledge in the field of human psychology and how to correctly build relationships between the partners leads to the fact that even the happy couples break up. We want to tell you about the 10 most important red flags that indicate the existence of problems in the relationship, and explain why you should not ignore them.

1. Your partner - your own great fan of

10 red flags in relationships that should not be ignored

Arrogance has never been attractive feature. If your partner is able to see the enviable qualities in himself alone, he or daffodil or terribly insecure man whose complex manifested in such a passive-aggressive way. If you've heard stories about the former, which he threw out of the fact that they were not good enough for him, then it is worth considering whether such a person can love someone, coma itself.

2. You - the center of his universe

Live in perfect harmony - that's great, but depend on each other financially, emotionally or psychologically - it's a big red flag that promises trouble. Each of the partners should, first of all, to see themselves as separate and held a man who is able to live a full life without a partner. Both of you will be able to give each other real and strong relationships, only in the event that will be fully individually and can take care of themselves, because the relationship - it is not an escape from loneliness, it is a choice of two people to be together.

3. He always blames

When a partner is not able to admit your mistakes and accept defeat, all around him are to blame for the troubles and failures. Such a person is very difficult to engage in a constructive conversation, because it will always shift responsibility to you or someone else. This is a warning of larger problems.

If a man can not control himself, but what he will be responsible for the relationship? Unless you can be honest with him, if you know how hard it is given recognition of their own misses. Such people often refuse to compromise and work on relationships, so you will likely encounter a painful parting.

4. You have to fit into his schedule

Employment - this is not a problem, but if your boyfriend is waiting, what are you going to adjust to his crazy schedule, then your relationship is more like a convenience rather than a desire. In relationships where people care about each other, it is necessary to prioritize correctly. If he or you can not donate their concerns for the sake of each other, it is possible that both of you are not ready for a serious relationship.

5. Do you have difficulty with communication

Not all people can talk openly about their feelings, but if you feel that your partner special care to answer, conceals his thoughts and does not share the details of his life, it is likely that he does not like things, but he does not know how to tell you about it. You both need to feel comfortable talking about what is important to each of you. Only then will you be able to solve problems and feel a real emotional intimacy.

6. You suspect false

This problem is related to communication difficulties, but there is a big difference between a guy who finds it difficult to talk about their feelings and frank liar. If your guy does not finish, or you do not give up to the end honest answers about what he feels, how he sees the future between you and at what stage of the relationship you are now, then it could become a problem, which will only bring negative emotions. You will begin to build the illusion, and he will be able to hide behind the fact that never told you that you have taken for the truth.

7. He does not want to hang "shortcuts"

10 red flags in relationships that should not be ignored

If you meet all week, hang tags can actually be unnecessary, but at certain stages of communication between you must get a specific definition. If your boyfriend is in no hurry to call you my girlfriend even after a month of "no shortcuts", then most likely it is not sure that you - she herself, or does not want to commit to you, as not yet ready to relations or look for another option.

8. no ambitions and objectives He

When the partner can not say what he wants from this life and does not seek to achieve anything, then your relationship may be fun at first, but soon you will realize that life with him is boring and dull, and people just pull without ambitions and interests you down.

9. He does not know why he's with you

We are not calling to give a clear understanding of each step in the relationship, because sometimes you want a romantic nonchalance, but you and your partner should be at least roughly represent what binds you together. If in the beginning it can be a passion, interest, the thirst for the new, in consequence, every one of you the right to expect a deeper sense. If your partner still can not answer why he was there for you, then maybe he's just using you as the only option at the moment and waiting for someone better. And even if not, to be with someone who can not figure out what their desires and feelings mean that you will understand itself and to think out what should be in your relationship.

10. You have repeatedly warned about it

Reputation appears we did not by itself it deserves, for the reasons. If you're not the first time you hear from someone unflattering comments about your partner, you should listen to them and to compare with that. you have time to notice. Only you yourself can decide you be with him or not, but if people who know him for a long time, saying that he loves selfish or embellish reality, over time, you can see that they were right.