10 reasons why you should not marry

Happy and strong marriage should be based on mutual love and desire of two people to create a shared future, precisely define their life goals. There are many excuses for a failed marriage and a thousand reasons why you can enter it, but only one is true and correct - you're ready for it. So that you do not make mistakes and was able to rethink their understanding of marriage, we have given you 10 reasons why just not worth it to go down the aisle.

1. For the wedding of your dreams

For many girls dream wedding, the thought even in school years and rehearsed with her friends, is much more important than having a husband. To organize the perfect celebration takes so much effort, time and money that it seems that all my life woman lives for a day of delight, a further family life has no meaning. If you think only about how to celebrate the wedding and be her queen, losing sight of the concept of the groom, then the risk to be close to someone who does not love, or who run away, because understand that the three-tier cake for you are much more important than he is, and your love. In other words, whatever the celebration, remember that you are getting married not because of love for the white dress.

10 reasons why you should not marry

2. For the sake of gifts

It sounds funny, but this also happens. The very idea to invite a large number of people that they have witnessed your holiday and gave a lot of valuable and not so presents even more absurd than the dream wedding. If you are so eager to get something for free, buy it myself and not spend a fortune on a holiday that you really do not need, because there is nothing more foolish than to divide the donated towels with someone you do not love.

3. Because loneliness

Loneliness - terrible excuse for marriage. With age, it begins to seem that you do not come never married, and the man to whom you do not feel the magic of feelings - this is your last chance. If you do not want to be unhappy all your life, do not let despair and illusions affect the choice of the person with whom you walk down the aisle. Before getting married, remember that marriage - this is a good way to strengthen the already happy relationship, but marriage - not the only way to be happy.

4. If you pressed

at you

Marriage proposal - words that many girls dream to hear. This is a happy moment, which is sometimes difficult to keep emotions. But in addition to happiness, the proposal still has a lot of pressure on you, especially if you love the guy, but is not ready to marry him. It is very difficult to say "no" when you know so well, but seeing these great and gentle eyes and a hand holding out a ring lost.

Another scenario in which you can feel pressure from your partner - it ultimatum "getting married or breaking up" (yes, these guys also exist). You can write off everything in the fear of commitment that is necessary simply to overcome, but do not ignore the feeling that originated inside that whispers, that's wrong.

5. Because your friends are getting married

Compete with your friends in real-life achievements meaningless, but even more absurd to gather under the crown only because otherwise you will remain the only free the girl in your company. So you feel better, think about what is much better to be the last one got married, than the first that divorced and unhappy marriage that usually ends. Enjoy life while your friends get married, and then you can get them sage advice from behind the scenes of the marriage.

6. Because your ex marries

After leaving almost every girl has a desire to show the former, that he had lost. But if in your case, he announced the happy event with a new girlfriend, it is best to stay calm and not do stupid things just to win the game "who out of love." It is possible that your ex-boyfriend is happy with the new bride, and you are looking for a husband, because you can not accept defeat.

7. Because sex

In today's world, sex - not obvious reason for the wedding, because you certainly have long understood how your guy is good in bed. But there are religions, which are forbidden to engage in sex before marriage, and here you are, exhausted by desire and curiosity agree to the marriage. Moreover, it is absolutely stupid, and will not bring you happiness, especially if you marry a guy who is not love, so you still can coarsely be disappointed. Sex is worth it to wait, only if you really know why you want to be with this person.

8. When it comes to children

Whether you are pregnant, have given birth or simply realize that the time is coming, and soon the children will be forgotten, only marry so wrong. Today, there are many ways to have a baby and be happy when you are both ready. Being a single parent is much better than unhappy spouse who either takes out all the sorrow of its existence on the children, or, thinking only of their own mistakes, forget about education. You can always call for reason and resolve the issue more intelligently, than to go get married, just because society children are associated with marriage and vice versa.

10 reasons why you should not marry

9. Because of the money

To marry a rich man - this hackneyed cliché that brings happiness only to the heroines of the movie "How to Marry a Millionaire." For the modern woman is nothing more pathetic than a marriage of convenience, especially if the love between you is no question. Yes, without money anywhere today, and they bring pleasure, but not happiness, and certainly not happy, strong marriage. If you do not want to become a dependent housewife bored or heroine of his novel, first of all think about why you want to spend with my future husband lives, rather than how much money will be in your budget.

10. Because so eager parents

One of the things that parents have no equal - it lay on the shoulders of unmarried children the burden of guilt for the lack of a happy marriage and, of course, grandchildren. If you are too often hear the question, "When are you going to settle down?", Or every dream come true is accompanied not an endorsement, and the phrase "It's time to think about the future" - this means that it is time to take your life into your own hands and stop letting others dictate to you, what to do. In the end, not your parents will have to live under one roof with a particular man, and even if you go on about their opinions, you get a new dose of the charges.