5 sexual dreams and their meanings

Dreams - is a separate and unique language that the subconscious mind communicates with you. Scientists are studying aspects of dreams by linking them with the psychology that helps people find answers to their questions without the need for psychotherapy. If you are able to analyze and compare their dreams with feelings, then you will be easier to understand its own essence. We have collected for you 5 sexy dreams that may come as a shock, but, according to psychologists, mean very important for your inner world events.

1. unexpected people

5 sexual dreams and their meanings

Sleep You dream that you have sex with a man, which had never experienced even sympathy, not that sexual attraction. For example, your boss, a colleague, a friend or a random passer-by. Waking up, you feel surprise and resentment, especially if you have a current boyfriend.

The value of According to psychologists, sex with a man in a dream - it is the desire of perfection. The person with whom you have sex, has the character traits, appearance or any other virtues, which, in your opinion, you most lacking, but you would like to find them. It is worth paying attention to the man in the dream, what character he has. If it was someone from work, then what is it? Strong, handsome, brave, successful, persistent? If it's just a stranger, perhaps, there is something that you were attracted to him only superficially? And if there was a man in a dream, which you know well, and waking up, you felt a sense of joy, perhaps it is worth considering if you're more interested in them than you admit to yourself and others?

2. With parents

Son You dream about sexual intercourse with parents or relatives, which, of course, shocking, given that this process is considered to be immoral in society.

The value of Do not rush to think that you're crazy and you really want a sexual relationship with his family and especially with parents. A dream from a psychological point of view means that you are concerned that something that comes to your family. Especially should pay attention to the public relations you will be held with them. How long have you met? Are you bored? Are you satisfied with your own? If there is a conflict in the family, then the dream means that you crave reconciliation. If you've seen recently, and at the same time you feel joy, then the dream may indicate that you really feel happy, and your emotions are processed by the brain in this way.

3. elements of violence

Son In the dream, you can be a witness to the violence, but did not take any action. You yourself are a victim of violence, or it you play the role of aggressor.

The value of If you were not a victim of violence in real life, then this dream may mean that you are under constant pressure, and wish to have control over the situation. In the first scenario, your subconscious mind tells you that you are a victim of circumstances, and 3 can not do anything. In the second you literally lose control and can not help themselves, and in the third - to seek his gain. In general, violence - this is your displeasure with the way your life. Someone suppress you, or you had fallen many responsibilities, so the brain is desperately trying to get back to normal, or triumph over the aggressive environment. This sleep is very important, and you should consider your lifestyle.

4. Masturbation

Son In the dream, you masturbate, but not fun. Or you can not find the clitoris and wake up frustrated. In any case, it's somehow related to dissatisfaction of sexual desire.

The value of Masturbation in the dream has to do with your sexuality and how you see your own sexuality. If you have the facilities, then your dream represents the dissatisfaction that you experience in life. It is also important, how you feel about itself masturbation. If you treat her badly, then your dream - is a denial of their sexuality, so you can not experience the fun and ashamed of herself. If you experience positive emotions, thinking about masturbation, then you should pay attention to their sexual life, since you need variety and definitely more sexual experience.

5. With animals

5 sexual dreams and their meanings

Son You're having sex with animals: fox, dog, cat, anyone.

The value of Again, do not panic and think you're a pervert, and really want to have sex with animals. This dream is very tightly connected with your childhood, and the animal - a symbol of something that happened to you long ago. As a rule, you dream of the beast with which you have linked some strong emotions. For example, a dog that you loved as a child, but she died. The cat, who lived in your parents' house, but after the move you have not seen it. Or just an animal that you think is beautiful and lovely. Sex with these animals suggests nostalgia for the old times. Or in the recent past, you remember something, or met someone who reminded you your childhood experiences. You should think about what exactly you have associated this animal, and to understand why you feel these feelings to him. Then you will be clear what your subconscious whispers.