5 sex positions from "Game of Thrones"

Cersei and Jamie Deyneris and Khal, John Snow and Igritt, Ellara and Oberin - in "Game of Thrones" know what a passionate, free from prejudices and complexes of sex. Creators of the series pushed the envelope and proved that in order to get pleasure from sex, not necessarily even have genitals - hello Gray worms and Missandee! Inspired by the lifestyle of Westeros, we gathered the hottest poses for you. Try them as soon as possible, because the night is dark and full of ... sex.

1. knelt

5 sex positions from

You need to stand, lifting one leg. Your partner will pay tribute, sitting in front of you, and singing "John-and-Igritt-in-cave".

2. Mother Dragon

5 sex positions from

If the top when you're with your partner lying on the bed. Turn on the fan or open the window wide open to the wind blowing through your hair. Shout "drakaris" when you're close to orgasm, because this position - fire.

3. Dorniysky troynichok

5 sex positions from

If you follow the precepts of the creators of "Game of Thrones", it becomes clear: do not need a third person to troynichka. If you wish to join your night in style Dorn not replace it with another element - the vibrator. Lean on the bed and let the partner to enter into you until you use it. You will thank the gods - both new and old.

4. The dog

5 sex positions from

Doggy-style is beautiful, when will is torn animal energy. Get on your knees and ask the partner to make a strong and deep tremors. In vesterosskom style turn off the lights and light a candle, if your partner does not Sandor Clegane and is not afraid of fire, of course.

5. Iron Throne

5 sex positions from

Ride your partner and show who is the rightful heir to the throne. Repellent feet from the floor to control the depth and speed, like a real queen. Winter is really close.