9 things you need to stop doing after parting

Every day the world is 3 million visits and nearly 2, 5 million parting, according to a study by Fastcompany. Parting can happen to anyone, but you - a strong girl, and do not give up. If you ended the relationship, you do not vpadesh depressed, do not miss a day of work, and in general spend free time to learning a new language. But you still can make a few mistakes, while waste from the shock.

1. kare haircut at

9 things you need to stop doing after parting

Make a hair shorter because you are lonely? Of course, it is tempting to create a new self, to experiment, but maybe we should press pause before taking a radical decision? After separation - a great time to stay in the comfort zone and have confidence in yourself and your body.

2. Follow them on social networks

First razfollov, remove from friends. His history in Instagrame can completely kill your ability to move forward. Interest in the way he has a good time without you or talking to whom, only aggravate the situation. Out of sight, out of mind.

3. Seizing pain sweets

9 things you need to stop doing after parting

If your freezer resembles candy store, then you have a problem. You can be sad, to wash down their melancholy alcohol but not more than one day. If all your nights in the week are filled with eating snacks, it can develop into an eating disorder present.

4. Search for new Man

In some journals, this method is presented as an opportunity to recall the appeal, make new acquaintances and to step to a new relationship. In practice, you can be absolutely unprepared for what to unfold in front of a stranger and talking about the last months of his life. It can also make you feel guilty because you can not pay all your attention a nice young man who is interested in you.

5. Staying friends

9 things you need to stop doing after parting

Yes, I know this topic is controversial. At some point during the separation itself, I agree that in order to remain friends, in order to facilitate tearing. But here's the rub: the boys and girls can not be friends, especially after it broke each other's hearts. In addition, it is incredibly difficult to continue when one of you will appear a new relationship.

6. Offending former partner

Many give nicknames former, but there is nothing to be proud of. First months can not convince your friends and family is what it wonderful, and then abruptly begin to deny everything. Respect the time you spent together and how you have been good if you want to be respected, too.

7. Listen depressive songs on repeat

If your list is headed by Adele "often lose", then you need to switch. I can offer you an incendiary album Beyonce or more new artists with deep lyrics.

8. Spend your money on unnecessary things

Someone has a husband, I have a puppy. The first weeks after breaking up - obviously not the best time to start a new animal. Of course, I do not regret it, but in fact the dog - a responsibility that you take on yourself, and you need to carry it for decades. Make sure that you are physically, emotionally and financially ready to have a pet.

The same applies to the grocery store. Postpone a credit card to a distant pocket of the purse - stocked cupboard will not fill the emptiness inside you.

9. To leave a

Probably the most popular habit - in the midst of heartache emotionally dissociate itself from all the people around. In fact, the most ambitious thing we can do is to open up and show your own close friends and family. Be open and receptive to the people around him.