How to maintain the friendship after marriage

Previously, you were like two halves of a whole, and now it's your best friend is puzzled, is it so difficult even for a day to forget about the fact that on your arm adorned wedding ring. In fact, the balance between friendship and family save perhaps If you follow these tips, then one will not have to worry about the appearance of a stamp in your passport.

to consider why your friendship has changed

How to maintain the friendship after marriage

Even if you are the most beautiful one in the world - is perfectly normal to spend more energy on relationships that are as close to you, to the person with whom you wake up every day and go to sleep.

Your relationship with your spouse tend to become the basis for emotional and financial support, as well as security. In this situation, relationships with friends, usually recede into the background.

It is also important not to let your husband replaced the place of best friend. Husband - your lover, life partner, co-owner of the house and possibly your children's father. A friend - a man who knows your most strange and dark secrets, to listen to you when you're crying over a glass of wine, and knew before you got married.

At the same time, have a close relationship with two people is extremely difficult, despite the fact that some romantic, platonic and others. Someone in any case be released in priority.

Add efforts

Make your girlfriend feel important and loved. Maybe you are not satisfied with the races shopping every Saturday, but this does not mean that it ceased to be an important part of your life. Most often it sends events from his life, gone private "stories" and come up with plans for the future. As much as possible gestures to show that it is still the way to you.

Tell me that you feel

How to maintain the friendship after marriage

Everything changed: maybe you have ceased to walk on the Coffee Shop on Friday, stopped to throw each other GIFCA and calls up every day. But the important thing is how your friendship actually felt. And usually, if you feel that something goes wrong, your friend, too, understands this.

Negotiations over a cup of coffee will help both of you to express your concerns. Tell me, what do you expect from your meetings, what specifically needs to sort out what is missing.

Most likely, your friend just wants to know that you mean it is still love, no matter what.

Plan a meeting without her husband

Even if your friend likes the guy you chose a husband, your friendship like her anymore, so limited by their need to cross.

If possible, ask your wife to spend the night at a party with friends, and she invite her friend to a cozy pajama party. Arrange with the blankets and pillows on the floor, drink wine, order rolls and imagine that everything is the same as before.

Follow topics of conversation: definitely will be more than the enthusiasm that you finally got married and how happy his new status.