Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

Edmund Shkliarsky wrote soloist of "Picnic" group, "Be attentive when choosing a fetish." Domestic decadent sure about the dark desires of the human soul knows from personal experience, so we want to believe that the ambiguous aesthetic fetishism, which they portrayed in the song, this is - erotic and romantic. In a world devoid of charm destructive debauchery, fetishism is still perceived as a deviation from the norm. We decided not to follow the conformists, and explore the dark world of human perversion and tell you what fetishes are in the world and how they appeared.

What is sexual fetishism?

The interest of artists, musicians and writers to fetishism - it is ordinary, because that someone calls a deviation, man will find the symbolism of art. The way it is. Sexual fetishism - it's when you excite the symbols associated with inanimate objects, body parts, the characteristics of appearance or social situations such as differences in age or position in society. But let's start from the beginning.


Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

In these four rather crude letters lies a whole subculture based on psychophysiological dominance or submission of one of the partners. At the same time it is closely connected with the things that makes this sexy aesthetics close to the concept of fetishism.

In its modern incarnation BDSM gained a lot of devices, accessories, formed the basis of an independent fashion trends, therefore, deserves special attention in our selection of fetishes.

About the passion of our ancestors to public executions, we are well aware of the artistic and historical literature. Physical punishment on the people was part of the culture and it was considered necessary for a full atonement. The sexual orientation of the use of force received the same early. Sadomasochistic themes found in the frescoes at Pompeii excavations. The most famous and ancient tutorial sexual pleasures - Kama Sutra - calls penchant for strikes a part of the love of pleasure. Psychological motives of voluntary submission may be lurking in getting rid of the fear of losing a partner. You do not try to match unattainable expectations and offer him the opportunity to realize their despotic tendencies. At the same time he realizes that with other partners such games are hardly possible, so you will always be "his only". Despite the rather dubious moral overtones, a union contract can be very long-lasting and durable.

A variety of BDSM culture allows to combine the thrill of all kinds: from harmless inhabitants, who want to add some color to your boring sex life, to overt perverts. In general, there is nothing wrong, but the feeling of risk in BDSM is illusory, because the basic principles of this movement - the safety, soundness, voluntary.

Even if you do not feel a propensity for hard pleasures, some stylish BDSM fetish - band of chains and belts, leather clothing, collars - should buy for your wardrobe.

2. Foot-fetish

Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

Quentin Tarantino - a notable foot fetishist, and you'll understand perfectly if scrutinized in every one of his films. Remember those wonderful scenes from "Death Proof" and "From Dusk Till Dawn", or "Grayndhauza". Foot fetishism is safe and innocent, but demands a high level of hygiene.

Attracted to the soles of the feet, especially to women, due to the fact that before they were shut down, and caused similar to other parts of the body inaccessible gaze. If accepted to cover the genitals of moral considerations, in the case of the legs is just convenient. See female legs under long skirts magnificent noble ladies or peasant sandals were more complicated than the chest - no wonder that foot so excites the imagination. With regard to tactile sensations, the legs are usually stimulated little, although the skin on them is very delicate and sensitive. Touching the feet can cause sensations fireworks from tickling to sexual stimulation.

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3. pigmalionizm

Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

pigmalionizm or agalmatofiliya - a sexual attraction to statues, dolls or mannequins - aesthetically pleasing and safe, at least for men. Fetishist gets pleasure from touching the lifeless human form, or by contact with them. Interest in this fetish can be explained by the fact that popular culture promotes the image of a man with a perfect appearance.

As for the statues, the ideals of beauty sculptors of the Renaissance, for example, is certainly different from today, but in a naturalistic and frankness they can not refuse. The fact that a person may be inflamed with passion for the statue, illustrated by the story of the sculptor Pygmalion, who fell in love with his creation, and gave the name to a fetish. Most of these tendencies in men, but the female version pigmalionizm - love of sex toys.

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4. Ksilofiliya

Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

This fetish can not be called non-living, but also to fully animate it, too, is not. It is about ksilofilii, or just love for trees. No, not in the environmental sense, ie in the same as in the stories with other fetishes. Ksilofilov ons contact with the wood. It can be a tree, and can be the product of it. Some fetishists prefer certain species, and someone bark color is not critical. As strange as it may seem, the sexual attraction to a tree, too, can be explained. Sometimes the trunks and branches become very bizarre shape, similar to the human delights. In addition, the tree never fails and will not take offense at the jokes about the log.

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5. Role fetishes

Sexual symbolism: 5 popular fetishes

So we have called the whole group of fetishes, the essence of which is a role model. This may include: medical, military, teacher, secretarial fetishes. Cover is different, but the essence is: a person experiences a vivid sexual attraction only, if he sees that his partner is playing itself out, for example, the French Revolution the gendarme times, well, or the doctor (it is much easier).

They play an important role various kinds of attributes that go beyond the clothes. For example, in the case of the medical fetish, there will come a game situation is excellent "medical examination", such as a gynecologist. By the way, this is probably the easiest way to play the world of fetishism - nothing particularly incomprehensible you will not see, but the sex life definitely enriched by new experience.

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