Why do want relationships and need them - different things

Most relationships begin with desire. When you fall in love - you are very much want that man. Over time, the longer your love, the more accustomed you become a partner and start to think that you will never be able to live without it. And yet, if you want something more - the desire becomes a need. If your happiness depends on someone's actions, then I think you have a problem. You lose your desire, seek to stop your dreams and can barely remember a time you lived alone before meeting with him. Here are some ways to distinguish between the desire to be in a relationship of need.

Why do want relationships and need them - different things

To want - to know that you deserve, need - to take what you can

Forget about what to spend all my time with a man who just happened to be in your life. Be strong and independent woman - does it mean to remember our values. If a guy is trying to prevent your life, make it a little boring, brings you many times, do not hesitate to point to the door. It is the rejection of the idea that you will certainly need to be with someone, and setting higher standards to help you find what you want.

To want - to share their power, need - to seek the approval of

The desire to build a healthy relationship means striving to share their lives without having the feeling of self "wholeness" in a relationship. If you are confident in yourself, confident, and when there loved one. You do not need his approval and support, in order to feel okay. The desire to find a man means to find someone whom you will appreciate and respect but whose opinion had not put up his.

Want - to stand firm, need - to move the

Feeling like you definitely need a man, it can lead to unhealthy compromises, excuses his bad behavior, and much more. When you want to find a man looking for something equal, which will allow you to talk about your beliefs and values. If you stick to your principles, you will find a partner who does not only want, but also deserve.

Want - wield power, need - to want power over a

Why do want relationships and need them - different things

The best part is to be strong - to feel safe. You never lose the voice of fear that dissent may leave you alone. When you're really ready for a relationship, you are looking for a person who will assess your strength, and never try to control you. This will apply to all - from the selection of the film for the evening prior to the distribution of household duties - if you want a man who will ask for your opinion and give serious consideration to your thoughts.

To want - to be themselves, need - to lose the essence of

Change in the relationship - a great experience, but lose their lives because of them is definitely not worth it. Want a man - means to find someone who favor independence and your desire to have your friends, hobbies and interests. If you start to miss the traditional gatherings or forget about what it is - a vacation alone, then quickly forget who you are without it. Partner, must not become a part of your personality.

To want - to do the work, need - to live a fantasy

On the relationship to work. I want a man - it means that you are ready to make efforts, expecting that he would do the same. The final result is worth it. When you need someone, then draw a picture of the idealized relationship. That is a sure recipe for disappointment.

To want - to feel willingness to need - to feel the loneliness of

Why do want relationships and need them - different things

If you are a long time not being in a relationship, you can feel quite lonely. And when you see that all my friends have long found your couple, you can quite take that step and get together with the first available guy who pays attention to you. That's just the desire to find a partner - it means to feel like a man who is ready for a serious relationship, not just looking for a company to get rid of loneliness.

Want - balance, need - the dependence of

Even when you want to find a man, do you still want to live my life. If you need a guy - it's hello to obsession and thoughts about where he is and with whom, what, what plans are going to build. Guy - just a part of your puzzle!

To want - love, need - codependency

When someone needs a remedy for loneliness and self-complacency, it ends up that you feel dependent on the person who is just not worth it. I'll die if you go - it sounds romantic, but it bears little resemblance to what looks like a happy couple, because it turns into a "with us is bad, but apart unbearable. It is better to continue to torment each other. "