How do you know that you are properly experienced separation

How do you know that you are properly experienced separation

If your heart was broken too often, the cynicism with which you can look at the world today - a normal phenomenon. That's just this terrible fact does not mean you have to completely abandon the love and stop trusting people. Of love failures can bring valuable lessons, which will show that in fact you got better. We'll show you how to understand what you are doing.

Do you know how to grieve and release the

You cried a lot. I had to take a week off at their own expense, because that last more than 20 minutes without tears was impossible. You have not eaten all day, because the lump in the breast is literally prevented swallow. Perhaps you go for long walks or even treat the therapist, and maybe even all together. But now you remember about the past, as a positive experience, and you can be proud of what she has coped, and thus become more and more conscious.

You begin to appreciate and love solitude

The fact that you wanted to be happy, is not your fault. You were a great woman, a bride or wife. But at some point comes the understanding that you do not know who I am really. You did so because at that time you wanted to. Now you know that the relationship - is the work of 50/50, and can not seek only to what would correspond to the desires of their partner.

You know? You are beautiful in and of itself. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. For example, there are in bed; I wake up in the night to have a little dance; do not worry about how you look awake. Loneliness - it's a great opportunity to get to know yourself better.

You know that to be strong - not to tolerate all

You have become more cautious - better not to throw in the pool with his head, and did not think that someone should be something. You do not want to give up everything that has already achieved, but would not lose another person. The new relationship will be strong simply because now you know how to work, and not to put up with other people's shortcomings.

and you will no longer be met with a tortured man

How do you know that you are properly experienced separation

After all, this was the cause of the collapse of your previous relationship! Ex-girlfriend broke mentality so the guy that he is constantly compared you. You're a good man, and you compared to someone with serious problems. Overall, it was good, but let past relationships affect the present and destroy them, because it was not able to let go. This is the last thing you want in your life, so make every effort to prevent this from happening.

Do you see who is willing to relationships and who is not

Do you know people who believe that love does not exist. And you see what some girls are doing with the guys with whom you meet, and how they become weak and uncertain. But you know, it's a vicious circle, so that interrupts it, because you will not become to build a new relationship with a man who is not ready.

Now your friendship is stronger than ever

Friends were always there, but you do not appreciate. But when the relationship is rolled to the bottom, you asked them to stay close by, called, and they supported. Once you realize that was a terrible friend, and promise yourself more not to do. It often happens that after breaking up the empty space that was filled with a partner, take friends and new acquaintances. It is a gift of fate, so use them.

Failed relationships make clear how important friends, and that they can not be left behind, even if completely immersed in love.

You know that too little fault

Whoever said that you were a victim, and you break your heart - you know, that's not true. It is unlikely that you were on a date with absolutely love the guy who two months later disappeared without a trace. Most likely, you just do not want to ignore the brutal truth and prefer to live in illusions. But that does not make you a bad person, just to be honest with you, it takes courage.

You - the master of forgiveness

Everyone makes mistakes, and you no longer feel the need to regret a bad relationship. The past is the past, so you forgive people, to live and move on to find happiness. Neither guy break your heart, must not poison your whole existence.

How do you know that you are properly experienced separation

Do you understand that life without love is worse

Do you think someone really wants to live without love? Just because it is not close to you right now, that does not mean it does not exist. You know that as a minimum, because it is love so exhausted you.

Love is in the air: your friends love you, your family loves you, your dog loves you. Past troubles have taught you to be responsible for your own happiness and helped to get closer to your friends, and for that you are grateful.

As you have faith

Yes, sometimes you have met with complete freaks, but they have set you on the path of understanding: what you want and what you do not want in your partner. Somewhere in the depths of you just know that sooner or later will appear right guy, and it's amazing.