5 honest questions about anal sex

For girls anal sex sounds more like a threat than as an offer to spend a great time. The very image of the process that has emerged in our culture of speech, causing negative associations. As you know, the best way to win your own - look at his face. While the boys are obsessed with the desire to shove his cock in all possible holes in the female body, we are interested in more specific questions anal. For example, they do not smear the feces of the bed of love and if you can get this kind of orgasm from sex.

Here are answers to clinical sexologist Alicia Sinclair is the most important and candid questions about anal sex.

1. Is it safe to ejaculate partner during anal sex?

5 honest questions about anal sex

If it is robust relationship in which you are sure you do not need to worry about the possibility of getting infections, sexually transmitted infections or HIV, his ejaculation into your anal canal is completely safe for both of you.

The experiments are fraught with the unfamiliar guy from a neighboring yard, you and she know, but if you love the risk, it is worth considering that during anal sex the probability of contracting HIV is higher than in other types of contacts. This is due to the fact that the rectum is very thin mucous, and the probability of occurrence of microcracks through which penetrate the virus increased. In addition, through unprotected anal sex is a danger to pick up other infections, not necessarily sexually transmitted infections or HIV.

The rectum millions of bacteria, which are normal for this environment, but hazardous to the male and female urinary system. Even when using condoms, it is to ensure that the partner is not trying to enter into the vagina after penetrating the anus. And to try anal sex without contraceptives, need increased health and safety measures.

2. Is it possible to get pregnant during anal sex?

No, it is exactly you are not threatened. Anal canal - it's part of the digestive tract, so that the chance of getting pregnant is not higher than with oral anal sex.

3. What is the probability that the partner is stained faeces during anal sex?

this usually does not happen if you do not neglected the rules of hygiene. Better to be safe from the likes surprises, especially since they can not just leave unpleasant memories, but also become a source of infection. good enough to wash in the shower, and for complete peace of mind can do micro enema.

4. How best to prevent pain during penetration?

The two main assistant for comfortable anal sex - grease and tenderness. No hurry and surprise. Explain to a partner that is not the same thing as to tear the patch, and one sudden movement can spoil the whole thing.

5 honest questions about anal sex

Do not try to endure the pain or discomfort - it makes your muscles tense, and most importantly, you need during anal sex - to relax.

If you add enough lubrication, but it does not work, maybe your muscles are not warmed up yet. Start the stimulation with anything less - a small finger or sex toy. In no case do not make themselves. Even if this time can help overcome sexual intercourse to take place, the next attempt may be even worse, because your body will be waiting in pain and can hardly relax to the desired extent.

Particularly desperate women resort to pain relief ointments to relieve discomfort during anal sex. Believe me, it's not a good idea. In most of these funds is used benzocaine, which is similar to the effect of procaine, which means that you will not feel any pain or pleasure. With the same success it is possible to do it under general anesthesia.

5. Can a woman get an orgasm from anal sex?

Here we come to the main issue for which full of dangers afoot and anal adventure. Yes, the hope of orgasm for a woman with this kind of sex was not in vain. For many women the most sensitive part of the vagina - the posterior fornix, which is located close to the rectum. During anal sex member actively massages the area, causing an orgasm.

In addition, many women have erogenous area around the anus. Her massage during foreplay will help to achieve arousal.

Anal sex requires serious moral and physical training, so it's better if it's not going to be your spontaneous decision. In fact, it may be much easier than you think, so do not hesitate to try and do not be discouraged if you do not immediately succeed.