What superpower do you can give a toxic relationship

What superpower do you can give a toxic relationship

The main danger of toxic relationships that they overlook all but you. You can live a long time under the emotional pressure, subjected gazlaytingu and not notice that a number - not a loving person, and the parasite, which uses your weaknesses. Especially hard unhealthy relationships affect empathy. Their emotions become weapons in the hands of manipulators.

We were told how to recognize a toxic relationship, and because of some errors in the behavior of the girls attracted the bad guys. But emotions - a very personal thing, and there is no universal formula for a successful confrontation poisonous to people.

Everyone who has experienced severe relationship, know the feeling of exhaustion at the end and the fear that this could happen again. However, this negative experience will give you new strength and capabilities. Here are some useful lessons that you can learn from the toxic relationship.

not cease to worry about the fact that not all people are our expectations

What superpower do you can give a toxic relationship

I've always admired people who claimed that nothing is expected of a partner and just go with the flow.

Many of us are afraid of inert attitude. We invest in them a lot of strength, hope and emotions and hope that people will reciprocate. This is quite true, but the toxic relationship taught one thing: not everyone can take care of you the way you deserve. Do not blame yourself in vain. We always try to look for what we lack in others. The key is to balance - in the sense that not everyone can meet your expectations, but some people do not interested in other people's needs and expectations. This is not any of your mistakes or your fault.

You will become kinder to myself

What superpower do you can give a toxic relationship

Most of the rhetoric in the toxic relationship is to ensure that you are not complete without family, friends or partner, and that you need them, and not vice versa. Pointing device not only makes you feel incomplete without it, but also assures that the problem is in you, not in his behavior.

Sometimes the cause of unhealthy relationships can really be you yourself, but if you use, cheat or deprive of confidence - it's not your fault.

After retiring from the toxic relationship you will be kind to yourself. Stop shoulder the mistakes of others and begin to do what you want, rather than what is required from you by others. This is a big misconception that you have to think only of others, based on the happy relationship, first of all - love of self.

You will become more indulgent

What superpower do you can give a toxic relationship

Forgiveness - does not mean acceptance of the toxic behavior as a norm of life. Just do not waste energy, emotion and effort, complaining people, communication with them was unhealthy. Manipulators and parasites poison not only a relationship with them. They penetrate into other areas of your life, infects the thoughts, conversations.

Toxic relationships will learn to let go of people. Not because you put up with the toxic behavior, but because you will not be sad for too long and worry about them.

Complete an unhealthy relationship is small, it is important to do all that they are not repeated. After you physically exclude toxic people from your life, the time comes to deal with complexes, false beliefs, and feelings of guilt, which he settled in you. Remember that this experience should not ruin your life, and correctly use the abilities that you have learned from it.