What to do if your boyfriend annoy friends

What to do if your boyfriend annoy friends

My least favorite stage in relations - familiarity with the environment Man. You seem to be just used to it, when there are people who should not have anything to do with your man. If all his friends cause negative emotions, it is worth considering, as it well do you know this guy? Girls often blamed the shortcomings of his men on someone's bad influence. But, once he chose these guys, so they have something in common.

The most difficult thing in a relationship with his friends - you should not interfere with their communication and can not completely ignore these people, because they are part of his life. Here are some tips what to do if your man friends - the worst thing that happened to you.

Try to find common ground to

If when we first met your guy friends just exchanging dirty jokes, talked about cars and reasoned, what all women stupid, to see them again - the last thought that comes to mind. Before you surrender, try to get to know these people and find something in common. Even if it seems that you have nothing to talk to them, try to listen more and ask questions about their interests. Perhaps, over time, be able to see these guys that see your guy and make friends with them.

to be honest the guy that you feel

What to do if your boyfriend annoy friends

I'm sure sooner or later, the partner will notice mild expression of disgust that occurs on your face at the mention of his meeting with his friends. When he asked what had happened, it is better to be honest, but tactful. Do not forget that these people are somehow dear to him. Say exactly what confuses you in its environment. This will help men better understand your reaction. Try not to complain and do not blame them, talk about what you feel.

Spend time with them only when necessary

Sometimes the best strategy - avoid contact with unpleasant people. Do not figure out why they are, how to fix it, and who is to blame, but just try to minimize your communication. Of course, in the life of Man remain issues that require the presence of loved ones: a birthday or even your wedding. Take it for granted, because the guy friends almost like a family, so that trade-offs are inevitable. But you do not have to hang out with them every Friday - it will benefit and your nervous system and your relationship.

Remember that you need to rest apart

What to do if your boyfriend annoy friends

In a good relationship should always be a slight taste of freedom and permissiveness. Unpleasant friends - another incentive to give the guy a chance to spend time without you and not feel regret. His entourage does not have to be yours, it's a part of life, albeit an important one. All that is required of you - politely pull the handle on the doorstep and mentally send them to hell.

Avoid ultimatums

Dislike of a person can be so strong that you have a desire to give the boy a choice: either me or a friend. Do not give in to him. In no case. Invoke the aid of all his prudence, because the stakes are too high in this game. Even if it does not destroy your relationship, it will always blame you in the fact that he had lost friends. Try not to force him to make a choice, even in specific situations: to go with you to the movies or to them in drifting competitions. Look for a compromise, otherwise it will feel a constant pressure on both sides.

You have the right to demand respect for yourself

What to do if your boyfriend annoy friends

When it comes to toxic people who are made to feel unsafe or behave abusively, you should not tolerate it, even from your friends Man. Let the partner to understand that you no longer want to approach this man. Whether to continue a friendship with someone who does not respect your girlfriend, - to solve it, it is not necessary to press and claim proceedings. Trying to mend relations with the environment for the guy, think not only about his happiness, but also about his health. With some of his friends, you will never find a common language, this is normal and does not hurt your relationship.