As parents Man can ruin your relationship

There are many ways to destroy a relationship - infidelity, money problems, toxic habits. But the most offensive part not because of their own mistakes, and because of the negative influence of parents. I'll tell you, as a partner family can ruin your life and what to do to prevent this from happening.

1. Crossing Borders

As parents Man can ruin your relationship

We are talking about a situation where the parents seek a partner directly to you or even to your other relatives, to give advice or express an opinion about your relationship with a guy. Some would call this confidential dialogue, I believe this behavior is a faux pas.

As noted psychiatrist Dr. Ben Michaelis:

Every time when the parent contact the partner of your child or his family crossed the border. If they have any concerns about your relationship, they need to make their son.

The problem is that it is unlikely that you can talk with the parents of her husband as frankly as with her. The best way to keep the border - to identify them from the start. If you're going to share the details of your personal life with his parents, do not be surprised that they will climb tips.

2. Too strong attachment

The monster of all monsters - sissy. Worst case, when he was very attached to his mother, and she perceives you as a competitor. Instead, to motivate him to solve conflicts and to strengthen the relationship, it will take you a threat. In this case, a lot depends on the partner and his willingness to cut the umbilical cord and tell my mom the most important words in every boy's life, "leave me alone". If he is not motivated to take this step adolescence, then you can succeed.

3. The imposition of their family expectations

As parents Man can ruin your relationship

If your partner from a different culture or his parents are very conservative, it will become a serious obstacle to your relationship.

Any difference - the socio-economic status, race, religion - would be a problem if his family is not willing to show tolerance.

You their views may seem a superstition, but they see it as saving their beliefs.

Well, if you take and share their values. But you must not cave in and raise a family as parents want this guy. Most importantly, your outlook on life shared by the partners.

4. Shifting of the problems children

Problems in the relationship between Man parents may affect it indirectly - in the form of toxic learned behaviors or directly.

Help his family is normal, but sometimes parents behave like naughty children - require too much attention, to get involved in their children's personal disassembly or exhibit excessive household helplessness. Yes, once we behave with them as well, but whether it is appropriate to compare the behavior of the infant with the behavior of a mature person?

It is important that the partner could find a balance between their lives and the lives of his parents. In addition, he must understand the difference between their relationship and attitude of his mom and dad. If all of them unfavorable, it does not mean that he was not able to build a healthy family.

5. Manipulate you with money

As parents Man can ruin your relationship

If your partner is still taking money from their parents, they get an additional lever of influence on your relationship. Financial participation can easily go to other areas of your life.

Parents do not necessarily do it maliciously. They rightly argue that as long as you depend on them, they have the right to interfere.

The optimal solution to this problem - to gain self-sufficiency. Independence is more important than domestic comfort. Well, if the partner will share this view and get rid of the habit of constantly seek the help of parents.

Before you start to hate the family of her boyfriend, must understand that they may not even realize that hinder you. Most likely, the mother does what he thinks is right and normal.

In addition, the problem may be not only in them, but also a partner. Helpless man at any age, not just grow out of parental support.

The sooner you begin to build the border between his family and the families of his parents, the easier you will avoid these problems.