6 ways to cope with feelings, if your love is not mutual

You're obsessed with a guy who already has a girlfriend, your actions? We assume that items "to drink, cry, hope" has passed and it is time to move on to something more meaningful. Attention, this text is not about how to achieve that, who do not care about you. But we will tell you how to deal with emotions and move on.

1. Avoid unnecessary interactions

6 ways to cope with feelings, if your love is not mutual

You hit the deadly virus and the drug has only a guy in whom you love - is necessary interaction and a good reason to meet the object of affection. In other cases, it does not necessarily show up in your life.

If you has managed to fall in love with a colleague, and you can not see - is distancing. Be friendly, but not too friendly. You do not forbid myself to talk to him and try to reduce the emotional attachment.

2. Do not follow them on social networks

Delete from friends is not necessary, but try to pay less attention to its renovation. Save your emotions for the event more important Internet stalking.

Browse its pages can be useful only in one case: make sure that they have with the girl so good and you have no chance, to experience the feeling of disgust for what he's happy, and you sit and noesh postpone smartphone and start a normal life. Be the proud in the end.

3. distracted

6 ways to cope with feelings, if your love is not mutual

The most useless thing you can do in the case of unrequited love - stay friends. Rejected by the people themselves ask in frendzonu to preserve the illusion at least some relations. In fact, while there are romantic feelings, friendships will only worsen your condition.

From unrequited love there is no cure, but there is a universal way to survive the bad times. Here it is necessary to act in the same way as with any other pain - to switch attention. Turn to something new, take a trip to trip, dial a little more work. If you're ready - go out on a date.

Do anything to distract from thoughts about a hypothetical happiness with this guy. If fate will bring you together again, your full and happy life that does not hurt.

4. Do not blame his girlfriend

6 ways to cope with feelings, if your love is not mutual

In most romkomov Girl Best Man - with a set of manipulative disgusting vices, but a spectacular appearance. She - the only thing that prevents the heroes together.

In real life, the girl of your lover - just a man, and not the cause of your unhappiness.

Switching negative emotions on a rival makes it possible to not be fixed on the break and prevents adequate assessment of the situation. If the guy had feelings for you - it would have been next. Find the strength to admit that the man arranged a little more complicated than the puppy, who lost his mother and warmed at a neighbor's cat. It is his deliberate choice, not the vicissitudes of life.

5. Recognizes that really do not want to be "the same"

There is something positive that you will not be together. This is especially true in cases where a guy is flirting with you, do not hesitate to their non-free status.

After receiving his drunken sms that he will always remember how you had fun, congratulated himself on the fact that it's not your boyfriend. You escaped the relationship with a potential cheater - is not it a miracle?

6. Install hard physical boundaries

6 ways to cope with feelings, if your love is not mutual

It is a pity that the feelings are not as logical as your thoughts and just be happy that you're not a girl a traitor, is not enough.

Afraid tempted physical contact with this guy - do not make intimate situations. Do not hug him supposedly friendly, whether careful with alcohol, if you are resting together, move away, if you see that his lips close to your face.

Compliance distance you need to first of all, to avoid feelings of guilt and not become a victim of his manipulation.

If he is in a relationship, but it continues to provide to you the signs of attention, most likely, it bredkrambing. We have been told that it is and it does not give the guy to use you.

What helped you survive the nonreciprocal love?