6 frightening habits in relationships

Someone who likes to chat with a new lover day and night, someone flatter manifestation of jealousy, but there are actions in a relationship that clearly repelled. Heroine gathered children, weird and just plain annoying habits that are found in pairs. Here's how to scare a partner in one motion.

1. One partner can not make a decision until they consult with a second

6 frightening habits in relationships

Important decisions have to be taken in tandem together. But sometimes one of the partners too literally takes this principle. When a guy is not able to solve anything without your participation is likely, it is not in the care and want to know your opinion, and that you went to a helpless man.

The same applies to you: if you advise a woman for any reason, it will be uncomfortable at the thought that without him in your home do not dare. Everyone wants to relax sometimes and know that the planet will not stop him from inaction.

2. Too frank at the beginning of the relationship

Honesty - it's great, but just to throw out a guy all the details of his biography is not necessary.

At an early stage, we are actively looking particularly disadvantages and red flags in the behavior of the partner. Emotional intimacy is not yet formed, and both partners are able to think clearly and at any time to slip away from the unpleasant acquaintance. The guy might decide that his frankness you forsiruesh relationship, and he is not ready to commit to constrain. People enjoy the gradual opening partner. This process creates attachment.

3. To Brag past sexual advances

6 frightening habits in relationships

According to a clinical sexologist and a representative of the American Association for Sexual Health Sonny Rogers, bragging about sexual relations in the past, it is more common than many people think.

Some people love to share the fact how well they "virtually grounded" in terms of sexual experience. But this is something that could deter partner.

Such revelations make people feel stress from what he should be no worse than previous partners.

Girls are less likely to boast such an achievement. If your boyfriend starts to pour about what he stallion, offered him prove it in deeds and not in words.

4. Talk to the partner, it reminds your dad or brother

The fact that people are attracted to partners, similar to their parents, not one study confirms. But to complete the passionate sex with the words "you're so like my father" - the most strange act.

Comparison of sexual partners with relatives does not add romance to your relationship. Typically, a person simply does not know how to respond to such words. Does this mean, what do you see in him only a reminder of the parents, and not a single person? Do you expect that it will be equal to your father? What do do with this information?

Would you like to make a compliment, tell about specific outline, because that guy reminds you of someone from relatives.

5. Add in social networks to friends and relatives of the partner

6 frightening habits in relationships

Some of the girls are keen to show that this is a serious relationship, adding to the friends of all the relatives and friends of Man, even those with whom they are not personally familiar. This is a gross violation of personal boundaries partner and the people to whom you crowd into friends.

Another reason why this behavior is unpleasant - it makes the partner feel that you follow him and want to control everything.

Be added to social networks to know your partner is appropriate only if this is your common friends.

6. Too early declaration of love

As excessive frankness, is a way to accelerate the development of relations. Grand romantic gestures can scare a person, if he is not ready to share the feelings of the partner.

The uncertainty in the beginning of a relationship can strain. You do not know what it meant for him - a fleeting relationship, or you tell him the truth like you. Nevertheless, to make serious gestures are better when there is confidence that your feelings are mutual.

If you are scared that the guy offers to marry and singing serenades under the window after three visits - your emotions are justified.

What guy behavior unequivocally repel you?