6 types of messages that enraged in relations

Finding love is not so easy, and if you've met someone perfect, it does not mean that you can not continue to try. For millenialov decisive factor for the continuation and development of the relationship may be communicating in instant messengers. According to research portal of Match.com, 84% are disappointed in messages from people with whom there are, and their frustration is high. Here are the six main irritants that may be in correspondence:

1. Hundreds of posts per day

6 types of messages that enraged in relations

Your partner does not respond, not because he was busy cheating on the side, or even because they forgot about you - perhaps he's meditating, trying to cope with anger at this terrible habit. Permanent correspondence - is not a crime, but 35% of respondents said the portal that constantly pop up a notification phone quickly lead to a feeling of irritation. In the end, each of us is now a lot of things, and to send a message for the message in a situation where even the first did not reach the destination - just plain ugly. Even if you live in different cities and you do not soon fall opportunity to see - you can still find the time in which both of you are ready for dialogue, but not indefinitely increase the number of unread.

2. Unsolicited selfie

Who would not be delighted to get sexy photos from your partner? But even so should know when to stop - 34% of people say they often get a self may affect the extent to which they are attracted to a person, and not for the better. If you are asked to send what you look like - do not be shy to show their best side, but boasting a new lipstick can be left in the phone memory.

3. Eternity Response

6 types of messages that enraged in relations

It is easy to understand why 33% of people go crazy, until they get the answer to your question. At the same time, nobody wants to be rude and demanding of attention around the clock. If no response is expected of you, but you can not formulate a thought right now, because busy with work or other things - just say this partner! This will reduce the risk of developing anxiety and mistrust.

4. One answer ten questions

Is there anything more annoying than an answer to one question out of ten, you are asking? Even worse, if it is impossibly brief: "yes." Everyone should learn to care what was said in the conversation, as well as to learn the button highlight specific messages to each messenger.

5. The bad grammar

6 types of messages that enraged in relations

No need to be a philologist or have a comic title "grammar-nazi" to experience irritation from illiterate messages. 32% of people are constantly irritated by the fact that their partner writes at random, and may even terminate the relationship for this reason. On the one hand, the lack of time forces us to write faster, on the other - for what you trained special keyboard with the tips?

6. Emodzhi

A couple of emoticons in messages dilutes the dialogue and make it less serious, but 39% of respondents say they constantly use meaningless icons like eggplant or lipstick - serious misconduct. If you or your partner use emodzhi instead of real words in your relationship definitely has an innuendo.

And what annoys you in the messages of your partner?