8 ways to support partner who lost his job

After the loss of a job begins a busy time of doubt, search and instability. In relationships, these emotions have to worry about you both. We understand how to keep your man in a difficult situation, to help him gain confidence and do not give to dive into procrastination and soul-searching.

1. Listen to it

8 ways to support partner who lost his job

The first thing to the person who has experienced an unpleasant situation - just to talk. Let him tell you everything that happened, without interrupting or arguing.

Do not try to offer a solution or to assess whether the most supportive and patient. Sometimes the best thing we can do for loved ones - to be there when they need to express emotions.

2. Give it time

Does not require that he immediately pushed the emotions on the back burner and went to find a new job. Let rethink the situation, get used to his new status.

At such times it is especially important to show empathy. If you're constantly cheering, man will have to pretend that everything is in order not to upset you. The best option - to ask your man what he needed right now - that you offer solutions or leave it for the time alone.

3. Help him to explore his other interests

Loss of a job - an excellent opportunity to review the priorities and to understand what you really want to do. Suggest him to try something new or to start earning on your favorite hobby. Even if these experiments came to nothing lead, it is still better than sitting and whining.

4. Make that long planned to

8 ways to support partner who lost his job

Take advantage of his freedom to realize old plans. Maybe you've always dreamed of a joint journey, but could not agree on the recording of leave, or would like to make repairs. The new work will bring new stresses, and to the nearest holiday will have to wait at least six months, so give the guy a little breather.

5. Supports, and do not tell him what to do

This is the most difficult thing: do not try to take matters into their own hands and start to command, and simple to maintain. Surely he is suffering from uncertainty as much as you. The last words that wants to hear the person who has lost a job, "what are you going to do next," and "how goes the search of a new place."

This, of course, not talking about the situation when it is idling for months and his creative search no end in sight. Then remind him that on your neck is not so much space, it will not be superfluous.

6. Remind partner about his strengths

No matter, he was laid off or been removed from office for transgression: any dismissal has a self-assessment. No matter how good expert you are, at the moment searching every doubt in their abilities. Sit down and make a list of his strengths and competencies. This will remind man that he is capable of much, and still is useful in the preparation of resumes and on interviews.

7. Help to turn the situation to their advantage

8 ways to support partner who lost his job

Since the dismissal happened out of it you need to extract the maximum benefit. Sabbatical, we have already discussed, it is time to talk about the requirements for a new job.

Let the guy remembers everything that did not suit him at the same place - it will be a red flag during the search. Maybe this time it will focus on companies that pay more. Or agree to a less responsible position, which will give him more free time outside of work.

8. Give him the opportunity to keep a sense of responsibility

When the partner a bit move away from experiences and will be ready to act, encouraged him to make a plan.

You might want to reallocate the budget and see what expenses you must now cut. Rate the real risks and think about how you can avoid them. Make your job search plan or decide at what specific time the guy starts to actively send resumes and go to interviews.

Any of these actions will help you both understand how you will move forward. Do not push, but do not be afraid to express their concerns, in the end, you also have the right experience.

Do you have to support the guy who lost his job, and what you learned from this experience?