How to behave when caught in a lie Partner

Lies in the relationship unequivocally condemn most of us, but everyone responds to lie in their own way. For some domestic lie - say that detained at work, although met with her friends; hide some personal purchase from a partner - almost the norm. For others, even small understatement akin to treachery.

Whether you are faced with any kind of fraud, from your reaction depends on whether you will be able to with a guy out of this situation, keep the relationship. Tell us what to do if a partner has convicted of lying.

1. Think about why he lied

How to behave when caught in a lie Partner

If it is not a mental disorder, then lies should be more or less objective reason. Think about it, why he did it: fear of your reaction, ashamed of his act, used to cheat in previous relationships.

Any of these arguments does not justify a Man. But if you show empathy, then cope with emotions will be a little easier. If you want to really solve the problem, and not just throw out the anger, to analyze the situation before starting the conversation.

2. Speak calmly

Make sure that your partner cheating on you - talk to him about it. Just do not give in to the urge to throw a hot guy scandal. Be calm and restrained, to explain what happened, and ask him to comment on it. Try not to interrupt a partner until he has finished talking. Self-control do not need to make a guy feel comfortable talking to you. If you're going to speak on the emotions, he can turn the situation against you. Offended by your insults, start talking, you need to calm down, to resort to gazlaytingu. His response you give the guy a lot of reasons to get away from a constructive discussion of his act.

3. Set boundaries

How to behave when caught in a lie Partner

If the deception you are ready to continue the relationship, you should set strict boundaries. Explain how important it is that the guy was honest to you. Indicate that this applies even to small domestic lies, not just change or global betrayals. The logical conclusion of such a dialogue should be his consent to continue the relationship only in absolute honesty.

Can you begin again to trust him, depend on the behavior of Man. But if the lie again - it will be not a mistake but a deliberate attack on your values ​​on his part.

4. Give him a chance to tell the truth

In some cases, we really do provoke a partner to deceive. When a person knows that you'd react to the truth accusations, condemnation is unlikely to divide his position, to be honest is not very desirable.

Make sure you give a guy an opportunity to chat with you about anything and supports this action. Be open to dialogue, try not to hurry with the estimates, control their emotions. Do not punish a person for what he is honest with you. You have with a partner should not be taboo to the relationship was really sincere. You can show him by example, what kind of behavior you expect, so be honest.

5. If a lie does not stop, think about the separation

How to behave when caught in a lie Partner

The previous advice is mainly suitable for the situation, if you're caught in a lie of the partner for the first time. From your reaction to his action depends on many things: do not pretend that the little deception means nothing to you if they are not, and give him an opportunity to correct. But if dishonesty going on, maybe your relationship for a guy not a priority.

Especially it concerns the case where the partner violates the promise made earlier. So it shows that trust can not be said that any of his actions. After such an obvious betrayal of trust is almost impossible to recover. If honesty in a relationship - for thee one of the main values, it is worth thinking about the separation, rather than wait for the guy to change.

Do you Lovila partner on fraud and how to react to this?