6 reasons to fight for their relationship

We often talk about how important it is to get out of toxic, offensive and simply unhappy relationships. This in any case is not a call to leave because of any problem. Sometimes the relationship is really worth it to fight for them. We explain how to understand what you should not rush to break, even if it seems that everything is bad.

1. Relations deteriorated after some event

6 reasons to fight for their relationship

If the start of your problems in the relationship is associated with a specific event: the birth of a child, death of a loved one, job loss, you still have the chance to fix it. When you first encounter with serious trials of life, it is easy to think that your understanding was broken, decide that you are too different. Maybe you and the partner just need time to adjust to new circumstances.

Always remember that the objective reason that you have grown apart. This will help to focus on solving the problem rather than the mutual reproaches and debates.

2. You have similar views on life

6 reasons to fight for their relationship

Common values ​​- this is what helps people to live together for a long time. If you are left, for the relationship is worth fighting for. Sometimes it seems that to build something again is easier than to fix the old one. But to find someone with similar priorities in life is not easy. Once you have got, maybe we should make an effort to overcome the minor disagreements.

3. The problem is temporary

Difficult time can be overcome if you know exactly what it will end. You are temporarily forced to live at a distance; sex life is disrupted due to illness of one of the partners; you become more arguing due to lack of finance or less to be alone because of the birth of a child - all of these problems can be corrected gradually exclude himself or if the two of you are willing to work on them.

In difficult moments, remind each other why you entered into this relationship and that found in them. This is something that is worth to be patient.

4. you still attracted to each other

You attract to each other physically and are still capable of a friendly chat, joke and share something important.

If a conflict-free time, your relations are as good as in candy buketny period, is a good sign. As long as you still have sympathy and attraction, you should try to sort out their differences. It is better if you do it in one territory - a decision to take a break in a relationship can definitively alienate you from each other.

5. Do you know exactly what you need to fix

6 reasons to fight for their relationship

The existence of problems does not mean that your relationship is doomed. While there is an understanding of what exactly you want to change, you both have work to do.

The main question that you and your partner need to ask each other, ready to (a) Do you make an effort to fix it? Sometimes this is enough to understand whether the relationship you both need.

6. Your partner - the first person to whom you're thinking in the critical moments of

This is a good test for the credibility - to understand who in the first place comes to mind when you are looking for sympathy and support. It makes no sense to maintain a relationship in which you can not feel safe. But, if you still know that guy will support you, in spite of all the differences, there was a real intimacy between you.

Do you think that in any case it is worth trying to save the relationship?