5 signs that you are close to treason

Feel sympathy for other people when you are in a relationship, it is quite normal. It all depends on how you would deal with this sympathy. Not all couples are clearly specified, where the line between a friendly and more than that, so sometimes cheating comes as a surprise even for the traitor. Tell us what features in your behavior can put your relationship at risk.

1. Do you want to learn more about the person because it looks like you

5 signs that you are close to treason

Make friends with a stranger just because he is physically attracted to you - not such a harmless decision. If the thought "he's cute" - so far the only argument in favor of rapprochement, for sure you have an ulterior motive.

Ask yourself what you're trying to reach, to get to know this person. Teshish your ego? You create an opportunity to get something more than communication?

When you're nice-looking guy - it does not mean that you no longer feel for your partner. But try not to create additional checks your relationship and keep strangers at a safe distance krasavchikov.

2. distracted by other people, in order to avoid problems in their relations

5 signs that you are close to treason

To change often leads desire to compensate for the shortcomings of friendship in their relationship. "I did not have sex / understanding / fun" - the typical excuses people wrong. Trying to shift the blame for his behavior on a partner eases conscience, but does not justify you. When instead of solving the problem with her boyfriend, do you prefer to ignore it, the very attitude you put at risk.

If you notice that you are drawn to the other guy because of his you can not hear such compliments, you can not share with him their secrets or you just are not that many common themes, this is a serious reason to pay attention to their relationship.

3. commit emotional infidelity

People are too closely associated with the betrayal of physical contact. So it seems to us that we can be as much as frank in dealing with others, and there is no danger as long as we do not touch each other.

In fact, the emotional betrayal can be more dangerous than physical. One sex sometimes brings people together, as a sincere conversation.

Be accurate, discussing personal problems and shortcomings in its relations with the other guys. Feeling that this person understands you like no other - a perfect breeding ground for treason.

4. flirt

The line between an innocent joke and flirt very illusory, but if you're honest with yourself, you are able to keep track of it.

Itself flirting with a colleague or friend is not able to destroy your relationship, but it can easily go into something more. When you are looking for gentle touching, sexual jokes, and generally pay special attention to the fact that he had met with a certain person - this is a sign that you should be careful.

5 signs that you are close to treason

5. Communication with the "other" for you in the priority of

Perhaps the most alarming sign - communicate with that person begins to interfere with your relationship. If you're not ready to interrupt the conversation with a friend or cancel an appointment to spend time with her boyfriend, then partner loses its significance for you.

We often have to choose between work, friendships and relationships. You notice that not cope with balance, you should sort out their priorities.

There is one simple way to understand what your behavior borders on treason: think, would lead you act as if near a partner. Feeling that he would not approve, it is unlikely to deceive you.

Relationship should not be a constant effort over himself. But sometimes it is really worth to consciously restrict themselves from risky behavior, so as not to lose the love of a moment of weakness.

Which of these signs seem to you a threat to the relationship?