How useful boredom in a relationship

We are often told how to diversify with a partner: sharing sex postures, give advice on the emotional rapprochement and the choice of sharing a hobby. But before adding the fire of your life together, is to understand why you got bored with each other and what it means. Spoiler: routine may also be useful.

How useful boredom in a relationship

Boredom shows that you have a stable relationship

Boredom - is predictability. It occurs when you and your partner know each other, we began to trust and become confident in their relationship.

It is not always necessary to perceive boredom as a signal that you do not feel each other of old feelings. This is a common part of any long-term relationship. If you continue to accept and love each other in periods of calm, and do not look for a permanent emotional shake-up, it means that you have a strong relationship.

Bored in pairs - that's fine - said an American expert Jonathan Bennett. - any relationship, whether romantic or not, will be exciting and challenging all the time. The ability to accept and love your partner in boring moments shows your maturity and strength.

may be a signal that you need to work on the relationship

How useful boredom in a relationship

If you both do not feel old emotions from finding each other, this is a good reason to pay attention to your relationship. Not necessarily refer to boredom as a problem. Just analyze what's going on between you.

Talk about priorities, about what you feel. Explain yourself why your relationship has changed: that you may have less time to spend together because of other obligations or are too tired to work, to invest enough effort in your communication.

Use boredom as an opportunity to improve relations.

each other Allows you to find the best

While life is full of emotions and events, you simply have no reason to talk about a lot of very personal things. When love grows into a more stable sense, you continue to know each other, now calmly and frankly.

Share your dreams, stories and plans. During the discussion you may come ideas on how to implement his plan, and at the same time to diversify your life. Boredom stimulates creativity - it usually works for relationships, too.

He says that you ought to do a

Constant feeling that your life is covered with mold, can not in any way relate to the partner. It is possible that the fact that you are no longer developing.

We often look for the cause of boredom in a relationship, because, in principle, tend to view their experience through this prism. If you feel that you have a guy like everything is still, but you do not get to communicate with him such emotions as before, maybe the problem is in you? Ask yourself whether you realize in his work, whether their relationship is happy with family and friends. Is there anything in your life cause that inspires you.

People often create problems from the banal idleness. Changing other areas of your life, you'll be able to look more positively on your relationship with your partner.

How useful boredom in a relationship

So you're ready for the next step

Boredom can be a signal that you are comfortable enough at this stage and you're ready for something more complicated.

Development always comes through overcoming. So if you want to put relations on a new level, you have to challenge yourself. It may be a decision to live together, to have a pet, get a mortgage, get married or become a parent.

You will in any case should not do such things out of boredom. But it will make it clear that the time for you to move on.

If you feel that your relationship with your partner turns into a routine, you should pay attention to those feelings, but do not treat them negatively. Talk about it and find out what boredom means for both of you, how to overcome it and whether to do it.

What do you think, from what people get bored in a relationship?