6 signs of emotional blackmail in relations

In our culture, too romanticize unhealthy manifestations of love - jealousy, possessiveness, sacrifice - this is why it is so difficult to recognize toxic behavior in relationships. It looks innocent habits of the partner may be an attempt to subdue and control you. Heroine has collected basic features of emotional blackmail.

1. Seeks to sacrifice a

6 signs of emotional blackmail in relations

It's flattering, touching, but all the same manipulation. If today he is ready to give everything, even if it is not required, then certainly to present a bill sooner or later. All his seemingly selfless acts, will be an occasion to engender in you a feeling of guilt. A word about the fact that about any sacrifices you never asked, he will perceive as a terrible audacity.

Be careful with a man who easily renounces for the sake of your own interests. Not vedis to persuasion, it's his decision and you do not need it does not oblige. At the right time he will not notice, like scream that sacrificed everything for the sake of your happiness.

2 Wants to as soon as possible to know about you all the

This feature you will notice at the beginning of a relationship. When a guy is too early to pass to personal questions - about your finances, family or any other topics that you consider uncomfortable - it does not always mean that he is a manipulator.

Click the box politely personal boundaries and see how he will react to it. He said "okay" and changed the subject - nothing to worry about. But if he pulls away and makes you feel guilty, it's emotional blackmail.

You have every right to decide for itself, in some aspects of life to devote Man. His resentment on this account - an attempt to achieve their goals and your personal space disrespect.

3. Check your

6 signs of emotional blackmail in relations

In the relationship the two of you waiting for a lot of tests: familiarity with the parents, checking bytovuhoy, the first joint sex (well, if not in that order). But it still should not be similar to a job interview in a company where you have to prove to the employer that is worthy of the rest of the hundreds of candidates.

When your partner begins to impose conditions, for example he says it does not introduce you to friends, until the change of hairstyle and do not learn to play poker - this is emotional blackmail. It shows that you can not become a part of his entourage, until you start to meet certain requirements. It is very humiliating attempt to control your behavior.

4. Always indicate your faults

Such behavior is common among couples who for a long time together and had each other how to be bored. But some people criticize the partner from the very beginning, and it does not accumulated irritation, and deliberate attempts to manipulate.

Honesty in a relationship - it's great, but it does not hurt anyone. When a guy is constantly refers to your faults, no matter how it is served: in the form of care, advice or insults - he's trying to destroy your self-esteem.

Victim of emotional blackmail often hesitates to break the toxic relationship because he does not believe that her love someone else. So partner gets full control over it.

5. He wants to punish you

The most popular way - the punishment ignore. Instead of discussing and solving problems in a relationship partner is suspended. As a result of a quarrel guy may disappear for a few days, without warning. After many hours of anxiety the victim is ready to do anything to make it up and restore the relationship, and it is not important who provoked the conflict. If this happens for the first time, calmly explain to the partner that you feel thrown out of his life to an altercation. Do not condemn, and talk about their emotions and feelings.

When this is repeated on a regular basis, you can be sure - the guy knows what he does, and deliberately trying to blackmail you.

6 signs of emotional blackmail in relations

6. The last in my life on you

Another feature of emotional intimidation discharge romantic. When a guy throws a phrase like, "you're my everything" or "I can not live without you" - a way to place more responsibility on you.

If the guy on the contrary, wants to become all is unobtrusive attempt to isolate you from your friends and family. To her often use paddles to gain complete control over a partner.

Blackmail in a relationship can talk about emotional immaturity partner. If you end up in a situation where you are trying to manipulate, explain to the person, in which position it puts you. It will not work - you might want to leave. Relations, which are dominated by emotional blackmail, are not healthy.

Did you face with some of these kinds of emotional blackmail in a relationship?