Not at first glance, why you should not wait for a spark on the first date

On the first date, always involves a lot of expectations: whether I like him, we may find a common language, and most importantly - will run if a spark between us. Everyone is waiting for the love of Bulgakov jump out from behind a corner, but often it slowly descends to the balloon of "The Adventures of Dunno". Tell us why you should not worry if the guy is good, but not in a heart skipped a beat anything.

The spark does not mean that the person is suitable for a serious relationship

Not at first glance, why you should not wait for a spark on the first date

No matter how nice to feel a thrill in the stomach area at a meeting with a person, this feeling does not say anything about your compatibility. Attractiveness and communication are important, but your impression about each other is influenced by many variables. Someone can open up only after a while, when it begins to feel safe, someone easy to be yourself, even with strangers.

You should not categorically refuse to communicate until you can not say with certainty that this man does not suit you. If his behavior is not toxic symptoms, and you generally do not experience discomfort when communicating with him - and give yourself a guy a second chance.

The relationship in which love grows gradually stronger

Not at first glance, why you should not wait for a spark on the first date

No sparks might even be a plus. Often relationships that start with a wild passion, depleted as fast as flash.

Remember that love takes place in any relationship, either turning into a deeper sense, or comes to naught. Strong emotions prevent you from adequately assess a partner in the beginning, that's why, when the sparks go out, you can not understand, how do you has managed to be in the same bed with this jerk. Affection that grows gradually, more likely to lead to a lasting relationship. Of course, this is true if the guy in general, you cute and you enjoy socializing with him, he just does not cause a crazy thrill.

Fixation on spark inflating your expectations

The belief is that when you meet the very inside must be something to click, sometimes severely hinders you to adequately assess potential partners. You're focused on themselves, to listen to their feelings, looking for that same feeling and fear that it will not come - get to know the person and get pleasure from communication absolutely no time.

You press on themselves, forcing to look for the emotions that really want to experience. Be discouraged if this does not happen. Decide that all in vain, and this guy does not suit you. Are there too many expectations from the first meeting? It's just a date, you can repeat or not to do it, not the last one in your life a chance to meet the love.

It is important for you to feel a spark in the beginning of a relationship?