How to encourage the partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

a little more than a week before the Valentine's Day - and therefore a dispute about whether it is possible to consider February 14 a holiday or not, has already begun. Worst of all, when this endless war involves you and your partner. Tell us how to inspire yourself and your man to celebrate Valentine's Day and to talk about the holiday lived up to your expectations.

Speak advance

How to encourage the partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

If you have specific expectations of Valentine's Day, it's time to talk about them. You do not know how your boyfriend refers to this holiday, - ask. Never before did not give it a value - Offer mark. Do you want to exchange gifts - also warn the partner, so that he could prepare. It is appropriate to even discuss the surprise scale: it will be pleasant things or big show.

Do not forget that this year February 14 falls on a working week, so you should plan in advance the evening, to avoid stress on the eve of and during the holiday.

Think of the holiday as an opportunity to strengthen relations

One may argue that this is not our holiday, but the idea of ​​the modern Valentine's Day is very healthy - express love to their loved ones. Remind partner, what it means to create a romantic mood for you.

Treat February 14 as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Not necessarily use the attributes of this holiday, and if Valentine candlelight dinner you seem wild commonplace. Take care that you both love, let it be the most ordinary things: pizza and a movie, a walk through the city, the race shop, the joint bath. For all this, it is not necessary to believe in Valentine's Day and love this holiday, love their partner enough.

How to encourage the partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

Explain why it is important to

for you

This is a good way to understand if a guy is indifferent to this day. Tell me about that on 14 February means to you. Maybe you're a teenage celebrated it with friends and family and still love to do it. Or, conversely, you have never had a classic cinematic Day lovers, and you really want to experience it. Or you have recently few were together, and you do not have enough intimacy. Even if you just love the holidays and do not want to miss a good reason to sit back and relax - it's also quite a good reason.

Do not be offended if the partner does not share your emotions about February 14

To a discussion of the holiday does not turn into a brawl, with understanding to the emotions of the partner. Try to find out why he was not enthusiastic about your ideas. Maybe it is now difficult period, and the only thing he wants, coming from work, - to lie on the couch, stuck to the TV.

Or he was always skeptical of St. Valentine's Day and did not consider it a holiday. In this case it is particularly important to explain that on 14 February means to you.

How to encourage the partner to celebrate Valentine's Day

Straight Talk about what you want to

This is the easiest way to make the holiday lived up to your expectations. People do not understand hints. Even if the person with whom you live together for a long time, he still can not read your thoughts. When you speak in generalities - "I want to spend the day in a special way," "I dream of a romantic surprise," be ready to get on the guy enough imagination, and not what you came up with in my head. At the same time to take all the initiative - not a good idea. Do not turn on February 14 in their own holiday on which guy - element of the interior on a par with a bouquet and a delicious meal. Talk about their desires, but leave him a place to express themselves.

Explain the guy, as you can see this day, and let him tell you about his expectations. Would you like flowers and a nice dinner - ask your partner. It sounds unromantic, but it's what separates life from romkomov: Healthy relationships require communication.

How do you and your partner feel about Valentine's Day?