Block, ignore or remain friends: what to do with the former in social networks

Social networks - a second reality, due to which certain events have to live again, and parting with a guy among them. After the unpleasant way, the set point, hearts are broken, we still have to decide who you will be with each other on the Internet. Heroine was guide to rupture in social networks.

When to remove from friends

Block, ignore or remain friends: what to do with the former in social networks

Regardless of how complex was the gap, it is necessary to wait at least a day. When I coped with the first emotions and make sure it is still separation, not a quarrel, make a decision about how much allowed his presence in your life will be easier.

If you are in social networks is still a couple, start to edit your page: Get status, remove the joint photos without waiting till he does the same thing. Some developers have made sure to get rid of the traces of the former in social networks was easier - for example, the application removes the Killswitch photos, videos and posts to Facebook, which was marked by a particular person. This can be done at the touch of a button. We hope in the future programs and functions, simplifying the online separation, there will be more.

Even if you broke up peacefully for the first time is important as much as possible to isolate himself from his society. May remove it from friends will help. Afraid that it is too rough, first talk to him. Write that you are not keeping it evil, but you need to step back, at least temporarily.

Remember that the removal of friends - a reversible process. When you can take it just as a friend or an acquaintance, nothing prevents to add it back. Therefore, you do not want to erase it from the memory permanently, offer to lose sight of each other for a couple of months. Even if the guy hurt your desire to remove it from friends, this may not be as painful as regularly to see where and with whom he spends time.

How to stop its monitor page

Block, ignore or remain friends: what to do with the former in social networks

If, however, decided to leave the ex-boyfriend in the friends list, you can simply reduce its presence in your news section. The Instagram and Twitter is a function of "muting" - it allows you to hide the posts of a particular user, not otpisyvayas from him. At the same time people do not know that you ignore it, and you can always see the photos in their profile.

This is a very mild measure not really make life easier after a painful breakup. Keep yourself from viewing its pages will not help even the removal of friends. The most effective way - to block the guy. Then you will not see his comments, even in positions of mutual friends.

Talk with a guy before blocking it worth more because it will help avoid embarrassment if you meet in real life. He will know that you do not hate it, just do not want to follow his life.

Stop monitor page of the former should be your conscious decision. Make it easier to hold back, give yourself a promise that you will glance to it no sooner than a month. Dreaming forget the guy and continually look for traces of his presence on the Internet - contrary to the action, so do not act on impulse.

What to do if you have friends in his family

It all depends on how the breakup went. Are guided by their feelings: if the sight of his relatives and friends makes you negative or painful emotions, it is better to remove them too. You do not have to torture yourself to be polite. Warn them about how to remove or not depends on how you communicate. We were close in life - can and should explain the situation and say goodbye. They are seen only in social networks - they may not notice your disappearance.

Block, ignore or remain friends: what to do with the former in social networks

How to behave on the Internet after leaving

Ideally, it is better to avoid social networks when you're excited, tired, upset or drunk. If you can not cope with a desire to write an angry message to the former - it's better to send the guy or his friends, you can publish on your page. So you at least be ashamed in front of a couple of people, but not in front of a hundred.

To pretend that everything is fine, and to post positive selfie you are not obliged to. Feel pain, sadness, melancholy in this situation is absolutely normal. Just remember that the suffering public, you become vulnerable and you can say what you will regret later.

As you have done with the former in social networks?