Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: 5 Tips for a perfect relationship

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski: 5 Tips for a perfect relationship

We continue to talk about the happy and talented couples in the relationship where you can be, and stories - inspired. Today, we are talking about Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

1. Do not hide attachment

Even when there was a film "Devil Wears Prada" in 2006, John became the most ardent fan of the movie in the world - and not because of the captivating storyline, and due to the fact that it starred Emily. In 2016, in an interview for Glamour Krasinski he confessed that he watched it at least 75 times. He also mentioned that most of this occurred when he flipped through the channels and accidentally ran into the show - after the appearance of his wife on the screen to look for something else did not want to.

Once she opened the door, and I quickly changed the channel. She asked: "Are you looking at porn?" It was difficult to explain that the 75th viewing of "Devil Wears Prada" is much better than porn.

About his obsession with her work, John said at once, because he was afraid of condemnation, but Emily is absolutely normal reacted to his stalking.

For the first time the pair had met only a few years after the film's release. On the first meeting, John said to Ellen, focusing on the fact that from the first moment he understood that she - the same. They met at a restaurant through mutual friends, but the first time Blunt did not even know who works Krasinski.

2. Talk about feelings openly

Already at the first meeting, John said about his feelings and what he really likes girls work. A year later they were engaged and were married in 2019. She cried, I cried, we cried together, and then all around us were crying. People do not even understand what was happening, but crying with us. But it was great - in the end, she said "yes."

The wedding took place in Italy, and it was small and cozy ceremony, the organization which was also attended by other perfect couple - George and Amal Clooney lent his vacation home on the lake.

Even 4 years after the wedding Blunt and Krasinski became parents, as reported by his fans on Twitter. In 2016, their second daughter was born.

3. Use your tongue

Usually people say that communication - the main key to a healthy relationship. In the book by Gary Chapman argues that all there are 5 Love Languages ​​- affirmations, words of encouragement, gifts, physical touch and the time together was spent on something useful. According to the couple, there is also the sixth language of love - not to speak at all.

The most memorable thriller last year John and Emily sang the role of parents, who live in the anti-utopian world where they have to share a house with monsters, be guided by sound. Any conversation - a sure way to die. Already after a couple of shootings reported that the lack of dialogue in the project helped them to develop their own secret language.

Get your secret language with her husband. We can find contact even without dialogue, and it's cool.

4. Do not be afraid of mistakes

People who have long worked in the entertainment business, is generally believed that it is necessary not to mix family and work. But when Emily first read the script for the film "A quiet place", she said, she "turned gray" at the thought that someone else will try to fulfill such a difficult job. She offered her husband's candidacy, and he took this risk. All employees of manufacturing companies were warned that the film is likely to end in divorce them, but they were wrong. I've always been her biggest fan. When you are in the room and see how it plays - you know, why is it so popular. She is the most talented, strong and kind-hearted people in the world. She makes everyone around him better. It was the best gift for me.

Even on their first date, John was not afraid to spoil everything: they went to the shooting range. He even thought that if now she does not like hanging out with rifles in their hands - then everything will end soon, and he will not have to suffer. Fortunately, Emily appreciated such an unusual move.

5. Share the care of children

Now the couple have two children, and they only occasionally resort to babysitting services. Absolutely all free to shoot the time they spend at home with their children - no long trips or parties without a family. And Emily and John believe that the most valuable thing they can give to their daughters - a constant presence in their lives, and seek to do his best.