8 problems in the relationship, which does not need to be ashamed of

We often try to idealize the relationship: ignore the rough edges to hide displeasure, be exaggeratedly happy in front of others. But conflicts - not always a reason to doubt your feelings. Tell, no problems in the relationship is not necessary to be ashamed of, because encounters with them almost every couple.

1. Different needs in communication

8 problems in the relationship, which does not need to be ashamed of

You used to call up, always know every couple of hours, where he was and with whom, and the guy leaving home, though forget about your existence. At such moments it easy to decide that he is indifferent to you, but often the cause mismatch in the usual habits. Maybe he does not like to communicate at a distance, or does not see the point in it, because the evening you will still meet on the same kitchen.

Rather than accumulate grievances, discuss the needs and expectations of each other. Set the average communication regulations and try to follow them. Do not blame him for his carelessness, or, conversely, for the obsession. Remember that it is the other person and what you think it strange for him - the norm.

2. Quarrels because of the different interests of

Disputes over what movie to see tonight, fighting for control of the TV set and other "cultural" differences - a normal part of a relationship. You can sometimes get angry on how a guy can look so stupid show or listen to hours of bloggers on YouTube, but it does not mean that you do not approach each other.

Be open and ready to learn each other's interests, but not impose them unless they relished partner. Look for what you have in common, and leave time and space for individual preferences.

3. Problems with the division of responsibilities

8 problems in the relationship, which does not need to be ashamed of

The physical and emotional effort in a relationship should be distributed evenly, but it sometimes takes a lot of years. Life constantly throws up new conditions and tasks, so you can not distribute the work on the house once and for all.

If you feel that a man is not enough to help you, do not hesitate to say it, but without insults. Explain that because of the lack of support from his side do you feel undervalued. Try not to keep score, who did what, and thank each other, even for small favors.

4. Conflicts over finances

In a relationship you have to combine not only different levels of income, but also the different financial habits. How much money you need each of you to feel safe; how to spend the salary; save, or live here and now - the opinion of each such matter is formed throughout life, as well as tastes in food or other interests.

Financial problems - a normal part of the relationship, which sooner or later faces every couple. We have already talked in detail about the main causes of conflict over money and how to find a compromise in this dispute.

5. Jealousy

Jealousy is difficult to control, but to some extent through this pass all the couples, especially in the beginning of the relationship. You do not need to cultivate this feeling and provoke each other. If someone of you by nature jealous, try to communicate and build trust in the pair. This is a destructive emotion, so do not let it affect your relationship.

6. it is difficult to combine your graphics

Think just before going to bed, and all attempts to plan joint weekends and especially holidays turn into fights. This is a very common problem in today's couples. Do you feel that is moving away, and angry, even if no one is to blame.

Sometimes you have to give up the hobby, overtime or additional responsibilities to maintain the relationship. Balance between personal life and all the rest does not come easy, but it is necessary to strive for it.

8 problems in the relationship, which does not need to be ashamed of

7. The complex relationship with the families of

Unfortunately, complete with a guy is a family that is not always able to respect your boundaries or values ​​do not coincide with yours. Remember that it gets the same thing. Both of you is not easy, but you should not forget about their feelings for each other. Do not let other people influence your relationship, even if it's parents.

8. doubts about

You should not be ashamed of the thoughts that may be next to you is not the man. Doubts do not mean that you do not have feelings for him, you're just a thoughtful man and you analyze everything that happens to you. While these thoughts haunt you all the time, they are quite normal.

What are the problems in the relationship you consider normal?