6 things you should remember if you are rejected

When you have given up, it's hard not to take it personally, especially when talking about a romantic relationship. The feeling that you're not good enough, pursued for a long time. Here it is worth to say to yourself to get rid of this emotion.

1. It's just statistics

6 things you should remember if you are rejected

Everyone who is looking for and taking the initiative, faced with refusals. Specific failure does not say anything about you, it's just a statistic.

So with any business: does not sink only one who does nothing. Understanding that failure - the usual thing that happens to everyone, you will not give up and try again.

Ask 100 people what you like, and among them there is he to whom it will be interesting. Have you paid attention to one and wonder what your likes are not identical?

The best way to take rejection - do it quickly. Be positive, move on and not get hung up on who is not interested in you.

2. Attraction subjective

6 things you should remember if you are rejected

It is easier to go through denial when a person has an objective reason - liking another girl or unwillingness to enter into a relationship right now. Try to forget, if you're just "not to his taste." But this phrase does not say anything about you. One person can fall in love with a girl for what others consider a disadvantage. It's not that you do something wrong, and personal preferences of a particular guy. You can not change the taste, but not able to take them to your account.

3. If someone rejects you, it does not suit you

Perhaps you thought that you have a lot in common and this guy - the ideal candidate for the role of the man of your dreams. But the fact of failure indicates that you made a mistake. He was not able to assess you - this is an obvious sign that a person does not suit you. It is unlikely that you will want to be with those who need to be convinced that you are worthy of love.

4. You have an infinite number of variants

An important idea, which would help to cope with the failure, - there is no second half. The world billions of men, if you think that only one of them suits you, you have trouble with math.

What prevents you to see how much interest around men - obsession is the only one that does not want to be with you.

5. All are faced with the refusal of

6 things you should remember if you are rejected

to treat any trouble easier when you realize that you are not unique in their unhappiness. Kylie Minogue, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and other desired women experienced unrequited love, betrayal, and other typical relationship problems. This is not a reason to gloat, but an opportunity to remind ourselves that being rejected by someone you like - is also part of life.

6. One day you'll be glad it happened

We are relieved to recall all the failures, failures, painful tears when harmonious gain a healthy relationship. The guy that you rejected, given the opportunity to meet someone who will truly appreciate and meet you. Disclaimer - this is a new beginning and a new chance.

Do you face rejection and that helped you survive it?