7 signs you're too serious about to rendezvous

If you search for love tires as well as the eight-hour day, perhaps, you perceive love too seriously. Here's how to understand that the time for you to relax and enjoy the pleasure of meeting.

1. Do you feel guilty if you communicate with more than one guy

7 signs you're too serious about to rendezvous

A week correspond with a boy, and already you feel the need to send a letter of apology after a nice chat with a cute waiter. Or refuse to meet friends just because the day before yesterday exchanged with other men. One visit - and you're almost in the relationship. This approach will bring you a lot of frustration and guilt unmotivated.

Have a guy on each day of the week is not necessary. But as long as you do with a potential boyfriend did not tell each other that you have a monogamous relationship, you are free and you can communicate with anyone you wish.

2. attach importance to every detail

A sure sign that you are fixated on dates - you analyze every move for Man. He said hello, because he wants me? Do not look in his eyes, because I do not like him? I ordered a coffee, not tea, so as not to fall asleep from boredom?

Relax. You'll never know what's going on in the mind of another person. If he wants to tell you something, most likely, he would use words rather than gestures and secret Morse code.

3. You go to make concessions for the sake of each potential Man

7 signs you're too serious about to rendezvous

not cancel a date, even if you tomorrow morning an important job interview, or this evening you were going to spend with friends. Rather than just say that you have other plans, and ask to postpone the meeting, you close your eyes to their needs, and do so as a comfortable man. If you think that he is really interested in you will stop because of a failure, maybe this guy is not worth your time?

4. Afraid to leave the house without makeup

You feel that you can not get to the nearest grocery without mascara and lip gloss, because you always expect to see him. Even if today at the box office in the "magnet" will be Robert Pattison, the lack of arrows in your eyes do not hurt your happiness, so put on your natural charm. At least it does not wash off.

In any case, your choice will have to see you without makeup. Well, if you check out his willingness to accept the real you as soon as possible.

5. justifies its shortcomings, as long as you got it

The most alarming sign of all: you ignore its flaws because perceive Man as the last chance to find family and to silence the relatives to be happy.

Just think, has changed in the past relationship or leave the country within two months. If you find fault with every detail, never love can not be found.

It is not necessary to accept the fact that obviously does not suit you. There is no time limit to find a partner, and it is normal that you do not hurry.

6. Imagine your life with every acquaintance

He has a car - not bad, will be on what to carry in the garden of our future children (Margo and Sergei with a difference at the age of not less than three years, and blue eyes). It is a pity that he smokes, my mother would not like it. So you talk even of whom came on a first date, but the pizza deliveryman.

Last week, I choose the color of the wedding with a colleague who has treated you coffee. Today speculated house or apartment you take out a mortgage with a guy who has been added back to your friends. If any man as your imagination is accelerated at a breakneck pace, you obviously should take easier to search for a partner.

7. Do you think that relations will solve your problems

Once you declare yourself a pair, you'll stop worrying about how you look, whether funny joke and that he thinks of you. You finally get to know each other and begin to trust. You'll be absolutely happy, because what else can you experience when someone has to come to rest after work?

If you think so, then clearly overestimate the relationship. Rendezvous - not a step on the path to eternal paradise, and a good way to spend time. Acquaintance - an experience that can be a fantastic and could not be. Enter into a relationship, you will remain a - the same complexes, problems and needs. Therefore, you want to rebuild their lives - seek harmony with itself, and not Man.

a date for you - a serious event or a way to have a good time?