5 ways to gain confidence before a date

Sexiest human trait - confidence, especially when it comes to a first date. Feel relaxed, to speak without a tremor in his voice, not to fall into the paint by awkward pauses: it is half the success. Heroine found a few simple ways to set yourself up for a successful meeting.

1. Listen dynamic music

5 ways to gain confidence before a date

Start with the right soundtrack charges: leave the spleen and 50 shades lyrics to your first argument, we now need something with bass and rhymes "i" and "superstar".

Text and genre are not important, the main thing that it was dynamic. According to the study, published in 2014 in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, listening to music with the bass helps a person feel more confident and stronger. So the selection of motivational songs are not only needed for running and fitness.

2. Use perfume

5 ways to gain confidence before a date

A good fragrance will make you more attractive, but not the way you think. The point is not that the guy fall in love with you from the first breath COCO MADEMOISELLE, and that spirits will give you confidence, and hence appeal.

There are several studies showing that perfume increases self-esteem. For example, an experiment with men, the results of which were published in the journal International Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2009. One group was given a deodorant "placebo" - he had no flavor, the second group of participants stayed with their natural scent. Then the subjects were asked to record a video, which will then be judged by women. Before and after the experiment, men were asked to rate how much they believe in themselves. Those who used deodorant, confidence has increased, and those who do not, has decreased. This is reflected in the video - a woman appreciated men in the placebo group a more attractive because their body language showed confidence.

3. Select the color in which you feel sexual

The fact that people value partners, dressed in red, the more sexy and attractive, is widely known. But there is also a study that proves that the color of clothes affects the one who wears it, not only to others. In an article published in 2017 in the journal European Journal of Social Psychology, it says that by wearing red, people feel "physically attractive and sexually receptive."

The matter of psychology - once we associate red with passion and desire, those who wear it, feel more confident because they know how they perceive the surrounding.

Nevertheless, remember that their own experience is more important than any statistics. If you do not like red or do not think that good at it, pick something else. In the first place, your attire should add confidence and did not conform to someone else's ideas about sexuality.

4. Take the imperious pose

Confidence influences the way we move, but it works in reverse, too: your body language can create the desired emotions. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy in 2010 conducted an experiment in which it confirmed. Half of the participants suggested to take a strong position - open and domineering, the other half were asked to sit with his legs crossed, leaning forward. Both groups of subjects remained in their positions for 2 minutes.

As it turned out, a group with a strong posture felt better, in fact, they have increased blood levels of testosterone and decreased levels of cortisol.

You do not have to show domineering position over the other, in order to appear more confident. Wait a beautiful, strong and dominant, a few minutes before the mirror and go out on a date. Pose remember, suddenly come in handy at dinner or in bed.

5 ways to gain confidence before a date

5. Remember the times when you were at a height of

Self-hypnosis before an important event will help to believe in themselves, it is confirmed the study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology in 2013.

All you need to remember the moments when you felt great: a successful presentation at work, chat with friends, any weighty achievement. Tell yourself some inspirational phrases, you can take advantage of our set of affirmations by successful women. This method is good for any of exciting events - visits, interviews, speeches in public.

What helps you gain confidence before a date?