5 signs that you have a problem with trust

No matter how much you love your partner from time to time you can slip the idea that he can betray you. If you're worried about something that happens in your relationship, for no apparent reason - it does not mean that you're just a hypochondriac and fears to forget immediately. Your feelings are real, and they should pay attention. At the same time it is not an indication that you should continue to suffer in silence or to start to make a complaint to the partner. We've put together a few features that will allow you to realize that the problem does not exist in your relationship, and your problems with confidence.

1. You're always not sure what is happening

5 signs that you have a problem with trust

Maybe you do not trust your partner. And I do not believe the previous one. You will not convince any of the things that your partner says or does, and you always feel a sense of that in your relationship everything goes wrong.

You can not be a logical reason to doubt what you say partner, but you have to recheck his words. You begin to ask others if he is really telling the truth, or delve into the social networks in search of incriminating actions.

If you notice these symptoms in yourself - make a step to ensure that the practice of self-love. Spend a little time to regain their mental health - what you need to learn to accept love from others.

2. In your relationship does not give away important details

Confidence problems usually arise due to violation of unspoken expectations or boundaries in relationships. They can be obvious, like adultery, or ambiguous "disorders", for example, if it communicates with the other girls on the social networks.

- Liz Higgins, an internist at the center of Millennial Life Counseling

All that matters is that you feel cheated. Try to find out what is happening, and discuss it with your partner, but do not try to impose guilt for your confusion or sadness.

5 signs that you have a problem with trust

3. Uncertainty scares

In a healthy relationship you do not need to know, what does your half every minute that you spend apart. Trust within the couple can create a space where you can have a rest from each other, without losing the connection.

Find the time to ensure that you can discuss what is going on in your lives. Speak how you feel when your partner does not respond to calls, and find out how you would like to spend their free time. Perhaps now it tires your desire to be around 24/7, and then you should look for the reasons that why you're so afraid to be alone, even for a day.

4. You expect the worst

You're always on the lookout and waiting when you deceived the next time? Your problems with confidence include excessive suspicion of alien words and motives. Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that before you have betrayed, but it does not mean that all people will come to you and more.

5. Your partner says that everything goes wrong

5 signs that you have a problem with trust

It is likely that your partner has noticed, what are your problems with confidence, and even asked about it. In such a situation there is no point to defend - should schedule a calm conversation, when both of you are relaxed enough and be able to discuss everything that happens between you.

Some couples therapy is required to solve these problems, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. A professional knows how to understand where your distrust arose, as well as teach you how to respect the worth yourself and your partner, your relationship to move forward.

Do you notice that you hard to trust people, and why?