Checklist: 9 signs that you have no ground under its feet

We often doubt in our relationship, plagued by doubts and worry about what's happening. But if you absolutely sure of herself, probably, it will affect and what is inside of your pair. Today, we have gathered a few signs that indicate that you rushish trust yourself because of their own doubts and fears.

1. Think over the script,

Checklist: 9 signs that you have no ground under its feet

The anxiety and worry grab you so that you constantly scrolled scenarios of what could go wrong. Do you think of the worst possible: suddenly he was hit by a car? What if tomorrow he will go to another? on the negative details of the concentration it makes you mad - and this is a sure sign that your relationship will not last for a long time it is your fault.

2. Do you think it changes the

Given that assume the worst, you're always jealous and looking for signs that could prove that he is wrong. If there is no ground under the feet of you - you hard to believe that the other person is simply not going to hurt you. And your constant questioning and accusations only undermine what is hardly possible to establish.

3. You difficult to talk about his past

Checklist: 9 signs that you have no ground under its feet

You try to keep back the important details or to shirk certain topics, because you're afraid that you may bring or come to the sore spot. At the same time you expect your partner to read your mind and nothing spoken out loud is not necessary. But if you had a traumatic experience, which should speak gently - Man need to warn about this, and not hope that he simply will never raise the subject.

4 depicts a self-confidence, when it is not

Since social media is often emphasized that the main thing for a relationship - to be true to yourself, you can begin to pretend that you have everything in order. Inside, maybe you fall apart and panicking, but your face is perfect poker face. What should be taken into account is the fact that a loving person sees through you and says that you do not voice their feelings out loud.

5. Do you play with a partner

You may not intend to reply to a few days to make him jittery. Or start talking passive-aggressive. You can carry out any manipulation of the game simply because you feel that your partner is not paying enough attention to you, but these methods and drive away the people most.

Checklist: 9 signs that you have no ground under its feet

6. compare yourself with others

You're always wanting more, so comparing their relationship with how it all develops in the other pairs. I notice that you look at people and think that their life works better than you? In fact, you do not know anything about their lives, but simply to recreate in my mind the best scenario, which is divorced from reality.

7. think out the meaning of words

When your partner about something you said - you can hear overtones in his every word. You think you know what he says, even if you do not know the nuances. You are read the tone in which he writes you a message - even without additional signals it is simply impossible to miss. This is what is destroying your relationship, you're ignoring reality and independently come to the conclusion about your partner, do not ask him what he really thinks.

8. Obsessed with their relationships

Checklist: 9 signs that you have no ground under its feet

All are deep feelings about their loved one, but yours are like an obsession. Do you think that he could save them from any problems as a true superhero. At the same time the thought interferes your other cases, because you cease to be responsible for their actions in anticipation of the Prince and commit more mistakes.

9. You did not confess his love

If you stand on shaky legs, you can rush to the two extremes - then try to chain you to each other, on the contrary, - to prohibit the other person is too close. In the first case you feel an insatiable hunger, the second - a deep sense of loneliness. One of the clearest signs of this behavior: the fact that you still do not recognize in their warm feelings for fear of failure or the fact that this feeling may end in a few months.

Have you noticed how insecurity harms all areas of your life?