7 things you should not be embarrassed to discuss with your partner

Feel comfortable with a partner - a part of a healthy relationship. You do not have to tell the guy absolutely everything important to know that you can do it and do not bump into condemnation. Here are some topics you should not be embarrassed to discuss with her man.

1. How do you feel about his friends

7 things you should not be embarrassed to discuss with your partner

If someone from friends Man makes you feel uncomfortable, it is to say to the partner. It's not about how to prevent them from communicating, but you are not obliged to pretend that you like a person, just because your man to his true good.

Be honest - this helps the guy better understand your behavior and correct - yet for some reason he respects his friend. Learn more about how to be, if annoying friends partner, we already told you.

2. Your financial problems and goals of

7 things you should not be embarrassed to discuss with your partner

In the beginning of the relationship of money - one of the most uncomfortable topics. But over time, you will inevitably come across a common financial problems, so you should immediately be opened in material matters. Exchange cards and passwords to create the overall budget is not necessary. However, if you are worried about how much earns guy; Now you have a difficult period in terms of finances or have a major financial goal that affects your life today - there is nothing petty or ashamed to discuss it.

3. Your mental health

It will be easier to build a relationship, if every one of you knows what's going on with your partner. Mental problems are not always obvious, but you should not hide them from her boyfriend. If he thinks it is nonsense or make you ashamed of your feelings, it is serious reason to think about how to prevent such a person from life.

7 things you should not be embarrassed to discuss with your partner

4. Your love life

Talking about sex, of course, will make it better. We share the fact that you like; do not be silent, if you do not get pleasure from intimacy; Ask about partner's preferences. Discuss fantasy, look for ways to make your sex more enjoyable and safe.

Try to create a comfortable space in a relationship for a frank discussion of topics. We have devoted a lot of materials to how to do it.

5. Your menstrual cycle

With regard to menstruation and PMS in the society is still a lot of stigma and speculation, and in your power to help the man properly belongs to this phenomenon. This is a normal physiological process, rather than any deviation, so it does not need to be ashamed of and hidden.

If your period does not pass unnoticed by you, accompanied by pain, weakness, worsening of mood or other symptoms, tell it to the partner. Instead of pretending that everything is in order, or to run for a while in the next room, whether it is open, then the man will be able to support and take care.

6. The desire to be alone

7 things you should not be embarrassed to discuss with your partner

You do not have to feel guilty by saying to the guy that you want a little more space. Personal boundaries - important issue that should be discussed openly, and not to look for reasons for the separation. Explain that this has nothing to do with your feelings for a man, you just need to be alone with his thoughts.

7. Plans for the future

If this relationship is more to you than just a novel, and you consider Man as a long-term partner, it is worth checking whether your feelings are the same. Embarrassed to discuss such important topics as children, marriage, career ambitions, you risk a couple of years to find that next to you people, whose goals and plans are absolutely not the same as yours.

How do you think, what topics should not be discussed with her boyfriend?