What if the jealous girlfriend

I wish happiness to his girlfriend of course, but to watch other people's success can be difficult. The habit to compare myself to others prevents genuinely happy for a loved one. We describe how to cope with the fact that jealous girlfriend.

Understand exactly what you upset

What if the jealous girlfriend

try to understand why it is good luck in your negative emotions. What unspoken expectation lies behind it?

Perhaps you want to have what she has. Or simply dissatisfied with their lives. Do not try to calm himself and pretend that nothing is happening. Through the envy of the subconscious signals that you are not completely honest with themselves in their desires.

In any case you should tell yourself that friend is not to blame for how you feel. Even if it comes to a sudden and "undeserved" success it deserves to be happy for her.

Celebrate her victories

What if the jealous girlfriend

The main reason why we are jealous of others' success - it reminds us of our own shortcomings. In fact, someone's luck does not say anything about you and never alienates you from achieving your dreams. On the contrary, it is an occasion to be inspired and even more believe his luck. Concentrate on what is now close to you people live an extraordinary situation for yourself, a new experience, memorable, and he needs your support. Joy is not complete when it is no one with whom to share, so you are also an important contributor to this success. The ability to genuinely be happy for someone to help make sense of envy productive.

Is charged with positive energy - it will give great motivation to move further than self-flagellation.

Remind yourself what you love her

We are often drawn to people who have qualities that we are lacking. Similarly, girlfriend draws strength, confidence and other skills in you. A healthy friendship - is a partnership, not rivalry.

If a loved one has received a promotion, or to create a happy relationship because of his strengths, acknowledging that you, too, loved him for these qualities. Success girlfriends - is an occasion to be proud of and is also, for once in your environment, there are such people, then you are definitely worth something.

Talk about it with her

Declare that you envy someone, it is difficult even to herself. But you do not need to hide the emotion from someone who loves you. Congratulate her, will please with it and tell me what you thought brings her luck. So it would be better to understand your reaction and be able to support you. Be open, but do not overtighten the blanket over himself - it should not be ashamed of the achievements due to the fact that you uncomfortable.

Remember that life - it's not a race. If someone is moving forward, it does not mean that you are lagging behind, because each of us has our own way.

What if the jealous girlfriend

Look for their life meaning and purpose of the

The closer you are to find their own meaning of life, the less room for jealousy and envy of other people's success. Seek its inspiration, to set goals, develop as a person. Always remember to strive for you, then the achievements of others will cease to seem so enticing.

How to cope with the fact that jealous of a loved one?