Never too late: 7 ways to say "no" to sex, which has already begun

Speaking of consent to sex, we emphasize that refuse to close at any time, even if it has already begun. However, while in theory this advice sounds better than in practice: to say "no" in sex or stop a specific sexual act seems uncomfortable.

The main problem with rejection - partner feels rejected. The reason may be not in it, but the feelings are hurt, so it's easier to continue the bad sex "out of courtesy", than to offend people. Here are a few ways to say what you want to stop sex or you something it does not like and does not alienate man.

1. I want to stay

Never too late: 7 ways to say

You do not have to explain something and invent a reason that seems good partner. The very fact that you have lost the desire, enough to stop sex.

This categorical rejection will not seem too rude, if you talk to a man in advance that such consent. This is still a new topic for our society, for many the idea that sex - it's not an obligation, it seems strange.

Agree that each of you has the right to refuse sex or a particular sexual practices at any time. Can together figure out what phrases to use it, then you certainly will understand each other right.

2. Let's take a break

If you're not sure you want to stop, but do not know whether you want to continue, ask for a break. Tell me what you need a little time to gather his thoughts. Listen to your feelings, understand what's bothering you, and how to eliminate the trigger. In any case, you can not enjoy sex as long as you will not create a positive context, so do not ignore their concerns.

3. No, let's better this way

The best way to failure - positive. You do not just reject some practices, and offer an alternative. So partner probably will not feel wounded.

Never too late: 7 ways to say

4. I feel so, because the

Another method - explained the partner that happens to you. "Touch this place makes me uncomfortable," "I do not get pleasure in this position, because it is not stimulated clitoris", "you're too fast completes the prelude, and I do not have time to be excited." It is clearer than "hurt me" or "I do not want to."

5. I do not like

Good complement this refusal by saying that you like - remember about the positive supply. The partner does not know how to make you a nice, if you can not say about it, so hint or obediently wait until he guesses - not the best solution. Explain why some practices seem unpleasant to you, not necessarily, especially since some feel is too complicated to analyze.

Never too late: 7 ways to say

6. Let's continue another time

It is a gentle way to break the closeness that will show to the partner that in general you do not mind having sex with him and do not want to just keep this particular time. One sentence you give directly to understand that today no longer intends to return to the intima.

7. I'm sorry, but I'm uncomfortable

Never too late: 7 ways to say

At the time of failure try to talk about themselves and their feelings. Even if the fact that your partner is something not said or done, most likely, it happened unintentionally. Say: "I'm sorry, I was uncomfortable, and I would like to finish." After that, explain that such is the word or deed made you feel bad or provoked anxiety, and you need time to cope with it.

Have you refuse sex or some practices already in the process?