6 kinds of sex in the toxic relationship

We write a lot about how to recognize a toxic behavior in relationships. But unhealthy installation penetrate not only in private communication, but also in the sexual life of couples. Here's how sex can tell that your relationship is not all right.

1. Sex when you're not in the mood to

6 kinds of sex in the toxic relationship

In healthy relationships, people may say "no" to the partner, and feel it is absolutely comfortable. And partner understands that the refusal does not apply to him personally. He's not trying to push, to force, to accuse, to compare with their former relationship. Do not accept your body as payback for taking care of you. He does not make you feel bad about this decision, but simply accepts it.

If you do not want to have sex, do not do it. You can not hold someone close physical proximity. Look for someone who loves you more than your body, and will not go away just because you were not in the mood to have sex.

2. Sex, which does not bring you to the pleasure of

6 kinds of sex in the toxic relationship

If you enjoy sex receives only one of the partners, it means that something is going wrong. None of you should not sacrifice their own comfort and pleasure for the sake of another. Not always such sacrifices are made under duress, often the person ignores his own needs and desires. It is important to create a space in a relationship for an honest and open conversation about everything that bothers you, including problems in sexual life.

3. Sex, in which you feel emotionally insecure

To respect and listen to the preferences of the partner is just as important, as well as to comply with its limits. If you do not priemlesh any sexual practices, whether suffocation, the use of handcuffs or anal sex, no one can force you to do it. Voluntary service - a key principle in the sexual life.

When you perceive a partner as a threat, it does not matter, it appears morally or physically, your relationship can hardly be called healthy.

6 kinds of sex in the toxic relationship

4. Sex, which hurt

There are many reasons why a woman may experience discomfort during sex: from health problems and peculiarities of physiology to the banal irritation on the skin. In any case, if you feel pain during intimacy, it should be stopped immediately.

Do not force yourself to continue and try not to blame yourself for what has disappointed partner. In the end, you always have the opportunity to please him in ways other than penetration. If you're with the right person, it is rather he stop than hurt you.

5. Sex, in which you feel ashamed of your body

It's not about their own systems, but the unflattering comments from a partner about your appearance. The man who criticize your weight, breast size, or other features that do not deserve to see you naked.

Sex is a lot of emotions, but the shame of them should not be. Even if you have not yet learned to love your body, it does not mean that it is necessary to allow others to disrespect him.

6 kinds of sex in the toxic relationship

6. Sex, in which you feel physically safe to

Do you want a guy to put on a condom, then he should do so. Without whining, trades and an apology on your part. When it comes to health, the argument like "they are uncomfortable with it," seems simply ridiculous. Safer Sex - is the only sex that has to be you.