He do not pair: what is necessary to be ready when you meet those who do not fit

You can clearly understand how to be your man, and eventually fall in love with someone totally opposite. He does not seek to make money and develop, does not respect your interests, jealous. But feelings are rarely subject to logic, why are we so selflessly entering a notoriously hopeless relationship. Everyone has the right to choose whom to spend your life. Heroine decided to recall only what is necessary to know, when they decide to continue the relationship with the one who you obviously are not a couple.

You can miss someone with whom you have a better chance to be happy

He do not pair: what is necessary to be ready when you meet those who do not fit

As long as you take the time to overcome their differences, misunderstandings and other obvious problems, you lose sight of the people with whom you have a lot more in common than their current partner.

If, despite all obstacles, you are, for whatever reason, decide what still has to go through this relationship - you have every right to do. Just remember that love - not a sacrifice or effort. You quite deserve mutual, respectful relationship in which you will feel happy most of the time, not only in the rare moments of intimacy. But they will not occur as long as you do not make room for them in our lives.

There is a difference between the incompatible and toxic partner

He do not pair: what is necessary to be ready when you meet those who do not fit

It is one thing when you have a guy do not match the priorities, vital rhythms, characters, quite another when it comes to emotional or physical abuse. The words "we are just different" many girls justify abusive behavior towards themselves: gazlayting and other kinds of manipulation. It is important to realize that it is impossible to explain the incompatibility of disrespect. He can not understand you, do not share your interests, but should leave you the right to be yourself. When confronted with an emotionally abusive partner, it is worth leaving these relations as soon as possible. Remember that the consequences of his actions - low self-esteem, confidence, co-dependency - will stay with you longer than your last novel, and make a choice in favor of his mental health.

You can not get approval from family and friends

Especially if you yourself told them that is not sure of your relationship. Then distrust on the part of parents or friends - a normal reaction. Although it is often family and yourself to notice that you are a man too different.

When all of your environment is set against the relationship, you should consider why this is happening. It is possible that you're too blinded by feelings, to see your objective reasons of incompatibility.

In any case, dissatisfaction with family your boyfriend - not a reason to terminate the relationship. But be ready to unpleasant scenes and awkward situations.

He is unlikely to change the

Often remain with a man who does not suit you, encourages the hope that in the future it will change. Of course, people change - when they themselves do sincerely want. But if the partner does not express any interest in ensuring that better suit you, and is not supported by this action, it is time to return to reality. You risk to fall in love with an imaginary image, rather than in order of who a person really is.

Admit that you can not change anyone, and honestly ask yourself whether you can be happy with this guy right now.

He do not pair: what is necessary to be ready when you meet those who do not fit

Borders - an important part of healthy relationships

To meet with those whose habits and values ​​do not coincide with yours, risky. You can not see how beginning to lose sight of their own needs or to put up with what brings you discomfort. Therefore, if you are going to continue this relationship, make sure you understand clearly that it is willing to accept and what not. That's where you will need the ability to build personal boundaries. If you know what is not acceptable communication, which allows for a partner for you, this is important information. Regularly asked questions: "How do I feel in this relationship? Are my needs being met? ". This will help keep your identity and eliminate many of the problems in time.