How do you know that your partner need more freedom

Even the most harmonious and loving partners need personal space. This is the time when each of you can focus on your interests and needs, it is never superfluous. However, openly admit that they are tired of the partner may not all: who is afraid to offend someone he is not fully aware of their needs. If you show empathy you will understand that many differences and problems can be solved by simply resting from each other. Here's how to understand what the partner need to be alone and to deal with it.

He starts arguments for no reason

How do you know that your partner need more freedom

The most effective way to make people leave you alone - to quarrel with him. If you noticed that the guy started to find fault with every detail, the problem may be deeper than the unwashed dishes or careless joke. It is possible that man creates a conflict in order to have an excuse to move away from you and be alone with him.

How to respond: Are you sure you want to convince the guy that he flew into a rage because of nonsense, but do not waste time on it. It is better to let the fact that he is now needed most - space.

Do not take it the desire to be alone at his own expense. This does not necessarily mean that he has lost interest in you or it is no longer attractive. The guy just does not have enough personal time.

Experiencing stressful situation

If you know that the guy serious problems with money, work or family, remember that it is now unlikely to be fully prepared to invest in the relationship. At the time of stress all the attention and energy focused on its source. At that moment, any person is important not only support, but also an opportunity to deal with the situation.

How to respond: You might want to try to solve its problems, to intervene, but it will only aggravate the condition of the partner. The best way to express support - say, "I'm with you, tell me if I can be of any help" - and stand back.

Emotionally estranged from you

How do you know that your partner need more freedom

There are many reasons why the connection is broken in a couple of - depression is one of the partners, stress, prolonged separation from each other or, conversely, the relationship that deprive the air.

When you feel that your partner is alienated, the first impulse - to ask why this happened and what is wrong with you. But, if you are together for long enough, you can learn to recognize the need for a partner in the personal space and just give it what you want.

How to respond: Try to approach seems logical, when you feel that your partner is alienated, but voluntary departure may be useful. The space gives a guy an opportunity to once again get bored and feel the need to communicate with you.

He became irritable

I feel that the partner infuriates you everything - that's for sure sign that you both need a break. Sometimes the most useful thing you can do: not to find out who is to blame for this stimulation, where it came from and whether it means that he does not love you anymore, but just for a while out of sight of each other.

How to respond: Do not blame yourself or partner give you both cool off. If you can physically move away - to go on a visit at the weekend, take a trip or spend an evening with friends - use it.

is not able to make decisions independently

How do you know that your partner need more freedom

Another sign that the guy you need more space, even though he does not realize - he became codependency. Consults with you on any occasion, can not take no for any business, without obtaining your approval, in general, it behaves like a typical helpless man.

How to respond: Deciding that the partner you need more space, of course, also have you. Encourage him to try new things, to expand its borders and to take certain decisions without looking back at you. The more developed the identity of a man, the happier he will be in a relationship.

is not ready to talk about their feelings

Sometimes people do not know themselves what they need. If you notice that the guy is not behaving normally, but does not want to discuss their feelings and go on talking, is a sign that he should be alone and sort things out. Now is not the time to insist that he was frank.

How to respond: Stand back, but let the guy know that he can talk to you about everything, when it is ready. At the same time, if the moment of alienation was delayed and the partner does not want to discuss your relationships and feelings, you are not obliged to accept it in principle.

He said, "I need more time,"

How do you know that your partner need more freedom

When, during the dispute, clarify the relationship of conflict or partner says that he needs more time to sort out their feelings, to come up with an argument or to forgive you, really talk about space. He is not ready at this time to make important decisions, draw conclusions, and it should be respected.

How to respond: Do not insist on an immediate response. Say that it is willing to wait and specify the approximate time it requires - it will help you understand when you can return to the discussion.