6 things about which we were lying to your partner, talking about sex

People are not always lie of the bad intentions. Often the reason is just the desire to preserve the feelings of another person, especially if it is about relationships or sex. But a lie makes us feel awkward and uncomfortable, even if it is saved. We tell you about the things in which girls often tell lies to their partners, talking about sex, and advise what to say instead.

1. What is it on account

6 things about which we were lying to your partner, talking about sex

Talking about past sexual experiences are rarely comfortable. You do not know how much of your boyfriend thinks normal sex partners. You do not want to seem quite inexperienced (especially if it is not), or, on the contrary, - promiscuous.

But no matter what you may call a number, you can not guess how to react to it the new guy - that's why lie on this topic is pointless. But tell the truth, too, is not necessary.

What to say instead of falsehood:

Tell me that did not want to discuss his past sex life, as well as to know about the number of its partners. All this is behind us, and you should focus on sex, which you have now. After all, you're not teenagers, to show off the achievements in bed. Knowledge of the number of sexual partners does not help your relationship, but it can add to your negative sexual context.

2. Did you have sex before the

6 things about which we were lying to your partner, talking about sex

After 22-23 years admit that you did not have sex, harder. The public establishment over the years from her virginity becomes merits and virtues feature in a strange feature that the farther away, the more it borders with the deviation.

Sometimes girls, on the contrary, they lie about their innocence, if they are, for example, has got an inexperienced partner, and they do not want to embarrass him. But the truth is that the value of virginity in our society is too exaggerated, and we have already told why.

What to say instead of falsehood:

Sometimes the recognition that you have not yet had sex, can really help: the partner will understand that you do not really know what to do, and try to be especially gentle. But, if for some reason you do not want to talk about it - you also have a right to, and should respect him.

3. Do you masturbate

Share this on a first date is optional, but to hide and from a partner throughout their life together is not worth. In masturbation there is nothing wrong - it's not cheating and not a perversion. It helps to explore your body, relax, improve their health and have fun regardless of whether you are in a relationship now or not.

What to say instead of falsehood:

It is difficult to recommend anything but the truth. Masturbate - tell it to the partner. If you're afraid that he'll condemn or will not understand, explain to him than useful masturbation, and not his prejudices. In any case, it would be better if he finds out about this so, not when you do not accidentally come into the room in time.

4. Do you have an orgasm

Women have many reasons to fake orgasms. We do not want to partner felt bad, so it's easier to say that "it was all" rather than admit that the sex was good only for him.

However, the desire to keep the ego of his men will not help you get an orgasm, but honesty and the discussion of possible solutions - yes.

What to say instead of falsehood:

Tell me that does not have an orgasm, but it does not mean that sex itself was unpleasant to you or useless (of course, if this is true). Try to send a partner, suggest other poses or a new way of foreplay. In the end, discussion of the problem will make your sex life is just better.

5. Was you have someone better than him

Sometimes men provoke deceive us, for example, asking whether you have someone better than him. However much he insisted that he wanted honesty, at this point anyone who wants to hear only one answer: not so good I have not been.

What to say instead of falsehood:

Tell me that is not ready to make ratings because sex with every person is unique and it is difficult with something to compare.

6. Do you want to stand at the moment

Popular culture promotes the myth that men are always ready for sex: movie heroes can do them all at once in any situation and at any time. If not, then you are not healthy, or (horrors!) Not temperamental.

But in the life of both men and women can be a lot of healthy and normal reasons not to want sex: fatigue, stress, bad mood, the wrong context, dissatisfaction with his body. You do not have to agree to have sex, if you do not want it.

What to say instead of falsehood:

Say that today you are not ready for sex. In principle, this is enough, but if you want, can you explain to the partner specific reason - but it should not sound like an excuse. Love, relationships, marriage does not give a person the right to use your undivided body.