7 things that man should not expect from you

We each have our own expectations about relationships. Unfortunately, many of them motivated by stereotypes or own selfishness. We tell you about the unjust requirements that impose partners in a relationship.

1. What are you going to take responsibility for his actions

7 things that man should not expect from you

When a person is difficult to admit his guilt, he tries to shift responsibility to another. He behaved aggressively, because you angered him. I changed, because you were not careful to it. I did not wash their dishes, because you did not tell him to do.

Such charges - a clear sign of emotional manipulation. If a partner is not able to recognize his mistake and apologize, your relationship is unlikely to be healthy.

Of course, some your behavior could become a trigger for conflict, but the way the guy on it will react - only his choice. This does not relieve him of responsibility for his actions.

2. You will go against their beliefs and values ​​

No one can not ask you to renounce their beliefs for the sake of his good, even a loved one. The respectful relationship if both partners realize that their priorities are incompatible, and this is a problem, they parted. It is important to understand that change the other person is not realistic.

This does not mean that if you have different values, you can not be together. The ability of the differences respect to each other to healthy relationships important to have common interests.

3. Will tolerate poor attitude from the person, because it is close to your boy

Many of us have bad relative or friend sassy. But the fact that this person is dear to your boyfriend, does not mean that you have to endure the lack of respect for yourself.

We have been told what to do if you can not find a common language with your friends your partner. But to cope with this situation will not work without the support of your boyfriend.

4. Will you engage kind of sex that you do not like

You have a man may have different preferences in bed, favorite poses and temperaments. Save comfortable for both sexual relationship in this case will help the honesty and respect for personal boundaries. Desire partners should be more important than your own, and vice versa. The guy did not expect that you will agree to uncomfortable for your sexual practices just because you love him.

5. You'll give him access to their money

The budget may be common, especially in the life together, but should not be such a default. Your feelings for each other are not obliged to ensure that the partner completely enjoyed your things and finances, and you're it.

You may have a different accustomed to manage money, one is more important to live now, and nothing does not deny, others prefer long planning. All this leads to financial conflicts, through which any pair. So they do not impact on your relationship, it is important not to be shy to talk about money. Decide how much you are willing to pay into the general budget, as well as leave for personal needs, how you will spend the money shared together, and discuss other important issues for you.

6. Refuse from friends and family

Attempts to alienate you from friends and family are often the first steps towards violence. The less you have the support of, the easier it is to manipulate you and to keep under control. If your side loving, caring, respecting your partner, it will encourage you to communicate with loved ones. Any steps to prevent this you have to guard.

7. Change your mind about children

Partner, must not expect that you will have a child, if you do not want it. When there is a strong discrepancy between your vision of a family need an honest, open conversation, perhaps even consulting a therapist.

In women, there is enough reason not to have a child, and each of them deserves respect. Probably, with time you change your mind and want to become a mother. But to give the partner an empty hope dishonest on your part. As expected, you change your mind, with his hand.

Before you decide to have a baby, or, on the contrary, never to do, make sure that you and your partner have come to this decision together, and both of his share.