5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

A walk in the park, a romantic dinner or going to the movies - first dates always seem equally banal and awkward. Typically, both of you are worried, do not know what to say, and shyly looked at each other, poking a fork into his plate.

Together with specialists PoolSchool Heroine collected 5 interesting ideas for dates that will help you relax and have a good time if you're stuck in a cycle of visits, reminiscent of Bill Murray's life in the movie "Groundhog Day",

1. city ​​tour

5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

City tour - the play about the life and the mysteries of the city you love and if you decide to hold a meeting here, it will not be disappointed. Walk through the ancient streets, surrounded by modern boutiques, cafes and live music on the boat with a romantic dinner or on the roofs of houses with panoramic views of the city - the program will be of interest to those who prefer a relaxed holiday and who is not a life without the extreme. This is not only an opportunity to look at the city in a new way and to love him even more, but also to share their experiences and discuss the route for the second date.

2. Culinary master class

5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

Culinary master class - is not just a way to be useful and tasty good time, but also to understand what is is your choice - God or cooking culinary monster. Even if you both do not know how to cook - in any case, you will have something to laugh and something to remember later. You can prepare a romantic dinner at home, taking advantage of the tips on YouTube, but if you really want and can afford it - go to culinary school and under the guidance of the chef step by step to learn how to cook delicious delicacies. Duck breast with fresh asparagus, creamy chowder with salmon, Monterey pie with ice cream and apple punch - is unlikely such a meeting can be called spent in vain.

3. Tea Ceremony

5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

In the traditional tea ceremony, there is something comforting and easy, so why not take off the excitement of the first meetings, choosing tickets for the semi-darkness dotted with tea culture club? In such places do not offer fine cuisine, but certainly know how to create a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Usually in the traditional menu, you can find tens to hundreds of species of selected Chinese tea, and in those with a bias to the present, more and original desserts, fruit and berry dishes, spices and milk. In addition to tasting tea in the tea club holds concerts of ethnic music and aromatherapy, talk about the traditions and culture of China, trained feng shui, calligraphy and even the basics of the Chinese language.

4. The Last Quest

5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

to get on board the spacecraft, in an abandoned circus, haunted mansion, or the old church, where the ghost of a nun walks - a memorable way to spend a first date in the fight against the forces of evil. All this time you have to work in a team: to seek a way out of difficult situations, solve puzzles, to save each other, or the whole world on the dangers that arise suddenly. In addition, the first impressions of love is always deceptive, but if yours is running crazy clown with a chainsaw or a rabid maniac hiding real emotions almost impossible. Just over 1, 5 hours, you will learn more about each other than most couples for several years, and will be able to understand at once, whether to continue the dialogue further.

5. The game of billiards

5 ideas for a meeting for those who do not like movies, wine and dominoes

If you want to have a good time and to break the ice between the rest of you, go to the billiard club. The spirit of competition and passion will make a memorable date, and communication will ease. Here you will both be able to boast the ability to think logically, athletic skills and dexterity. In addition, in the dim light and with a cue in his hands make you look graceful and attractive - even under ideal skills of your choice will be, if not doomed to failure, then fascinated. In situations where the presentation of billiards limited to shots from the movie "Men of Hope", we suggest to familiarize with the theoretical basics of the game, not to stand still and go directly to practice.

learn the basics of billiards

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