Beautiful curtains. And what a salad? Something to talk about during the Meet Male parents

Familiarity with a partner parents sometimes causes more nerve than the first date. You need to be a better version of yourself, but remain natural. Please them, but do not try too hard to do it. Find a common language, or at least not to cause hostility. Heroine will tell you something to talk about with my parents for a Man, not only to make a good impression, but also to learn something useful about him.

Ask if they have a family tradition

Beautiful curtains. And what a salad? Something to talk about during the Meet Male parents

When the small talk took place, we can go on to talk about deeper things than the weather and on duty compliments. Find out if they have a family of your guy some common tradition.

You can start a conversation in different ways, for example, to talk about the important traditions in your family. Or, if you think that you have nothing there, to share with them the traditions that you wanted to make in my future family.

Let talk about the traditions do not think you are too old-fashioned and pathetic. Almost every modern family can find a ritual they follow, such as: preparing for a fixed holiday the same dish, go to rest in a concrete place, play a board game every weekend. We can not take such trifles as a tradition, but in fact this is it. Talking about it helps to know something about the values ​​of the family.

to find out where they grew up

The question is, what was the childhood parents of your partner, it may be too personal. But there is another harmless way to touch this topic - ask where they grew up. This is especially interesting if they had different cultural roots, such is often the case with people from different regions, not just countries. Each of the parents in their own impact on your boyfriend, so longer recognizing them, you're more familiar with your partner.

have asked to tell how they met

Beautiful curtains. And what a salad? Something to talk about during the Meet Male parents

Not so makes pairs perk up and talk about themselves, like a conversation about their acquaintance. If other issues are usually meets someone one, here in conversation often take two.

The circumstances of the parents dating a guy for you is not so important, but you can see how they remember about it, communicate with each other, agree or argue on every occasion. In such conversations occur romantic feelings for each other.

The relationship between parents can seriously affect your partner, so monitoring their communication style will give you a lot of information for reflection.

Learn about their hobbies

Familiarity with any new person - is the reason to ask his hobby. Be curious to hobbies parents Man is not only because in the future it will facilitate the choice of a gift for them. Attention to their interests will show parents that you're not a superficial person.

You can advance to ask the guy what his parents are addicted to at the meeting to know how to start a conversation. Just do not pretend you too are interested in something like that, if it is not. Such attempts to gain the confidence look insincere and repel people.

Ask how their child was a child

Beautiful curtains. And what a salad? Something to talk about during the Meet Male parents

This is a fertile topic for most parents, moreover, it generally serves as an occasion for a positive light family talk. Memories of childhood pranks, old photo albums, reasoning about the features of the character of their children. Here you see the interaction of parents with their son, and their style of communication with each other. Besides always wondering how a guy that you like, look at the school.

Tell me what you are attracted to their son

This theme can be deduced from the conversations of childhood. Share what qualities in this guy you attract, how you see it. Most likely, parents will be interesting and important to know how it is seen by other people.

To this conversation did not seem sycophantic, stay genuine. Your goal - to convince parents that their son the best, but simply to show that you appreciate it.

Do not worry that you are a guy my parents did not become best friends with the first meeting. Relationships are built gradually, so be polite and open, but do not force convergence, eventually it will happen by itself.