8 when a woman should take the initiative in the relationship

Imposed by society, gender roles more than a century to restrict and complicate relations between women and men. One of the most persistent stereotypes: the girl should not show initiative. Tell us why this is not so, and give a few situations in which you should take matters into their own hands.

1. Did you like the guy

8 when a woman should take the initiative in the relationship

Games inaccessible woman long lost relevance. You do not need to wait passively for the man and you will notice the first approach. What you are able to start the conversation itself, does not make you more accessible and certainly does not detract from your dignity.

If we want to live in a world of gender equality, we must abandon the idea that the leading role in relations belong exclusively to men. He was not a hunter, and you're not mining - you are just two people who like each other. You'd be surprised how many guys like girls who are able to express their position, rather than waiting until they conquer anyone.

2. Do you want to put relations on a new level of

Play games, intrigue, hint - a complex, long and not very promising way push Man to commit themselves. You see that you can get a serious relationship, not a short affair, - tell about your feelings partner. You want to put relations on a new level, for example, begin to live together - said about this.

You can not get the guy to make a commitment, but in your power to make him understand that you want to move forward and not wait until he guessed about it.

3. There is a topic of conversation that you are interested in

One of the outdated ideas about first date: a man should start a conversation and attract a woman. If you have something to discuss, feel free to suggest a topic itself. Adequate intellectual guys like girls with their opinions and a rich inner world.

4. You do not get pleasure in bed

8 when a woman should take the initiative in the relationship

In spite of the resemblance, our bodies are designed and work in different ways, so there is no single way for all women to enjoy sex. If you do not get an orgasm, you can fix this only together with a partner, so he must know about your problem. Remember that sex - is not the way to meet a partner, and reciprocal action, and enjoy it, too, must be mutual. The man does not read your thoughts, and besides, many of them are not able to identify the partner reached an orgasm or not. Do not be afraid to say that you need more stimulation or offer to try new poses. What if the guy does not respond to your requests for sex, we have been told.

5. Do you prefer to pay for your own dinner and drinks

Wait, what the default guy on a first date should pay for your dinner - not just an archaism, and a bad taste today. Many men do offer a treat, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to insist on the separation of accounts. If a guy ignores your desire and aggressively insists that he paid - is an unhealthy behavior that shows a clear lack of respect for your boundaries.

6. Do you want to reduce the distance between you

MeToo time to change people's approach to dating and friendships, making them more comfortable, safer, but at the same time more difficult. Respectful guy will look for clear signals before you dare to stop the physical boundaries in communication with the girl, which is why it is important not to be passive. If you are nice to the attention of men, you can take the first step towards convergence: to move, to touch, just say that you want to kiss him. This will give him the confidence that he understands your reaction.

8 when a woman should take the initiative in the relationship

7. Do you have any idea of ​​the perfect date

If you have a more attractive idea for a date, you go for a coffee or to the movies, tell me about this guy. Let the imagination with his not very good, maybe he is open to new experiences and happy to accept your proposal. In any case, as soon as you get a date dreams than if you wait, when there will be a man whose thoughts are 100% coincide with yours.

8. Do you want to break off relations

When you feel that your relationship does not develop, or you did not have feelings for the guy should take the initiative and end your chat. Try to be honest and not to wait until he understands himself. Yes, it hurt him, but the more you pull, the more difficult it will be your parting.