7 habits of the partner, due to which you feel insecure

There are dozens of ways to get rid of the uncertainty and enhance self-esteem, but they are unlikely to be effective if the next person who always makes you doubt yourself. unknowingly partners often generate in our own complexes in communication habits. We explain how this happens.

1. He does not express his feelings

7 habits of the partner, due to which you feel insecure

People express different emotions in a relationship: one is important to regularly hear from the partner declarations of love, the other tactile contact is needed to feel needed, and still others believe that to be near - already sufficient evidence of attachment to the person. If your partner "language of love" does not match, it could cause you to doubt his feelings and affect your self-esteem.

You need a verbal confirmation that you are important to the guy - talk to him about it. It may just not attach importance to such things, but hearing how you need to change your habits.

2. Often interrupts conversation

When the partner is constantly interrupting you in conversation with friends or alone, it may mean that he does not appreciate your opinion, or at least you will feel yourself so. Sometimes each of us in a fit of emotion nedoslushivaet interlocutor, but if it turned the guy into a habit, then say so. Choose a time when you will be alone, and explain what you hate, that he frequently interrupts your conversation.

3. Talking about the exterior of other people

7 habits of the partner, due to which you feel insecure

No matter how positively he speaks about how other people look, or negative - it can affect your self-esteem. As he constantly admired looks of other girls, involuntarily wondered if he finds you attractive. If he regularly pours criticism toward other people, you might wonder if he judges you as strict in their thoughts. Excessive concentration on the physical appearance of people can say a lot about education and self-Man. Try not support such calls and quite frankly, they are unpleasant to you.

4. Excessive taunts you

To make fun of each other - a normal part of communication that brings a romantic relationship element of the game. But when your partner does so too often, affected patients topics or those of your qualities that you consider flaws - it makes to doubt yourself.

Sometimes men do it consciously to lower self-esteem partner, because then it will be easier to manipulate. But often the person does not understand, that does hurt you, because we is difficult to judge what complexes in the mind of the interlocutor and how much he is exposed to them.

In any case, you do not need to swallow jokes that make you sick. Do not blame the guy, but explain the irony of what topics or what situation you trouble. Respectful partner will not be persuaded that it is you do not have a sense of humor, but simply cease to joke about it.

5. He giperkritichen

Partner can permanently release the critical comments unconsciously, because of his habit to focus on the negative. This does not mean that you do everything wrong - just had this way of looking at the world.

Perhaps he giperkritichen not only to people but also to themselves - and this, too, is his problem, not yours. Some people just do not believe that the positive aspects also need to be sure to notice and verbalize, they take them for granted. Even if it is ingrained habit, it can be corrected if you discuss it together and work hard to make your communication has become more healthy.

7 habits of the partner, due to which you feel insecure

6. devalues ​​your emotions

If the guy has a habit of not automatically agree with everything you say or accuse you that you are too badly react to his words or actions - it is an attempt to devalue the emotion that has a self-assessment. When you share with someone your feelings, and in response to hear that they are unreasonable, then you feel rejected. Over time, if this behavior is repeated constantly, people start to doubt themselves and their emotions.

Remember that you are entitled to feel however you want. Not overwhelming emotions and did not forsake them, and learn to live - so deal with them will be much easier.

7. A lot of time is spent without you

We often talk about the fact that the partners have to retain in respect of personal space. However, sometimes it is too much. When a guy is constantly prefers to spend time away from you, it makes you wonder if he is interested in you and what place you occupy in his life.

In this case, you should discuss how long you both want to spend together, as well as separately - and find a compromise solution.