What you should ask yourself before you send candid photos

One of the easiest ways to feel bright and sexy - to make a little photo shoot, where you will not be very many clothes. To make the perfect photo, you can think a lot of details: how to set up the lighting, what position to take, how to wear accessory. But after the outbreak have to think also about whether you can share these scenes with someone. Heroine gathered a few important questions that should ask yourself before you send their nude photos to anyone.

Do you really want this?

What you should ask yourself before you send candid photos

As with any other type of sexual contact, sending nude-photo requires voiced agreement. Before you click on "send", ask yourself whether you want to do it or are you going on about the partner manipulates you.

Make sure you trust this person, and what you talked about certain rules of behavior in your sex life. Remember that your consent to sex does not mean that you are obliged then to be agreed on everything else.

Check how you comfortable sharing such an intimate photo. The fact that you have already seen naked, does not count if you're uncomfortable here and now.

The recipient should be trusted?

Whenever you send your naked photos, remember that the recipient can do anything with them. It is extremely important to make sure in advance that you trust this man, and that he would not share them to social networks or forums. Discuss in advance what you would not like to see these photos someone else. Use special secret services or chat rooms, which destroy the photo after a single viewing or after some time.

Why do you want to do this?

What you should ask yourself before you send candid photos

If you have not previously sought to share their intimate pictures, and now really want to do this, you should consider, where there is a new desire. Ponder that now attracts you to the idea of ​​sending nude-photo or video. Is not this a way to someone to prove something? Or you just do not have extreme experiences? In some cases, erotic correspondence may mask a serious problem with a spark in a relationship. Rather than fanning the flames uncomfortable sexual contact, it makes sense to say what it is that both of you are not satisfied with and how you can fix what is really worn out.

Do you feel sexier by this?

It is not only what kind of trust exists between you, but how you yourself feel yourself on what take pictures of naked. Shooting naked body could be a new way of exploring their own sexuality, so premeditated, what parts of the body do you consider attractive. Think about what kind of picture you would like to do, use a tripod or timer, try different poses - all these preparations will help you not only to update the gallery of your phone, but also to cheer up and enjoy the new and interesting activities.

What you should ask yourself before you send candid photos

Is the recipient ready for this photo?

Even if all of the previous questions you have not stopped, it remains to consider also whether the recipient is ready to to see you naked now.

Is he ready for this? if he consented to the sexual contact? whether it is at the moment in a safe and comfortable environment?

It would be terrible to send your photo in a moment, when the phone is holding his mom, is not it? Always find out if your partner is ready to what you're going to send. Regular inspection not only of their own motives and the motives of your partner - a recipe for complete comfort in your sex life.