How to take your partner's past

When you start dating someone new, it is clear that behind this man has some baggage. The details of his past life can overtake you from the stories of friends, rumors and revelations of Man. Tell us how to treat the unpleasant facts of life partner and how to prevent them affect your relationships.

Immature behavior in past relationships

How to take your partner's past

When you hear negative things about how the partner was before I met you, it's hard not to pay attention to this information. However, do not let such rumors to influence the way you perceive Man today. If people all the rest of his life was judged only by how they did once, many of us have carried the stigma of "not suitable to the relationship."

As noted psychotherapist and relationship coach for Dr. Arnold Branson ics:

It is important to remember that every new relationship should be given a fresh start.

Affair with each partner develops in different circumstances. In addition, people are also changing. If it is adequate, an interested person in their own development, it will draw conclusions from past mistakes. Pay attention to how he behaves with you - this is the most important thing that you hear about the guy from the other people.

His education level

There are studies that say that couples with higher education tend to produce more stable families. But what people did not graduate from high school, it should not become an obstacle to the relationship, according to relationship expert and consultant on mental health Adina Mahalla. Many people see this as a red flag, in part because it's just easy detection warning sign of some instability, - says Mahalla. - But the truth is that your level of education rarely indicates who you are as a person.

The fact that your boyfriend is truant or has not received a diploma does not reflect its current level of intelligence and responsibility. Of course, if he had not just left school.

Sexual experience

Another thing of past life partner, which does not need to worry - how many sexual partners he was and what he did with them. The fact that it was an exciting, intense experimental sex life before I met you, there is nothing wrong with that, as well as the fact that it was not. An experienced partner can help you develop and improve your sexual experience, and the inexperienced will explore your sexuality with you.

How to take your partner's past

Financial mistakes that he made

All of us did not immediately learn to be responsible for their expenses, so in the luggage of your partner may well be ill-advised financial decisions and frivolous purchases. Important to understand not how stupid he had to make, and how it can affect your life with him.

Pay attention to how you found out about it - well, if the guy was honest, and he talked about his past failures. Find out if he had any debt, he still has to pay - this is serious can affect your potential joint plans. You have the right not to judge him by the way he lived before, but deserve it to be open with you in financial matters.

His former concrete

Perhaps before you guy for many years has been in a serious relationship and even preparing for the wedding and still have to maintain a relationship with someone from the former because they are colleagues. In any case, you should not get hung up on this girl. There's a reason why they're not together right now and why he is now close to you.

You can not live your life, comparing himself to somebody else. You are unique, and a guy in love with you just for that.

Treason in past relationships

How to take your partner's past

The news that guy cheated in previous relationships, often perceived as a wake-up call. But do not jump to conclusions, it is important to take into account all the circumstances. If it was only once, and a man sincerely repents, it's more like random error, which to you has nothing to do. However, if the betrayal was in all its respects, you can hardly count on the fact that he values ​​loyalty.

Trust a person, changes in the past, or not - you decide. We have already told what questions to ask yourself before agreeing to such a relationship.